Austin gig to stream live tonight!

17 Jan 2013


UPDATE: The Stageside Live show is tonight! It begins at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, which is 3am back in London (click here to see what time it is where are you ). Click here to watch the show.


Well, here's some good news for those of you in Europe who thought you wouldn't be seeing Keane perform again for a little while - the band's Austin City Limits Live show in Austin, Texas on 17th January will stream  worldwide as it happens, as a Stageside Live webcast event at cbs.com/stage-side-live.

You can also still buy tickets for the show by clicking here.

Comments (54)

Just watched this concert on youtube-absolutely brilliant! Fantastic! Wish I had been there!

Posted by Greland at 10:07pm, 16 Feb 2013

I must say I have been surprised by you talent as you always do but somehow different. I have not gone more than a show of you the only was three years ago in 2009 in Mexico, I was quite special because it was the first of you and because you sang songs that meant a lot to me many times in my life, still do, but now they do it with a touch of distant nostalgia. Watching this show today was like going back to 2009 with crystal ball when Tom came to the public and could touch him that memory still makes my heart beat so fast even now after three years, I'll tell you then I do not know if Jesse would remain in keane or not but I was pleased that he will also be part of my life at that time, I remember that year my mom and my sister they gave me my perfect symmetry for Christmas one of the memories that mean so much to me. Watching you now singing She Has No Time with the logo of strangeland and Jesse is a perfect blend of everything all the time there in one spirit the past, the present and the future shining among white lights. When Tom had his difficult period in 2006 a bad dream to represent to me as return of keane, although it is a sad song in many ways for me was as if he told me “look I’m good now ...” look in 2009 singing that song after worrying about his life so long time was like a hug in those moments when you feel you can do no more. Look at you guys now sing that song with white lights and the Sovereign Light Café is a combination of indescribable feelings, Richard's face looking like if he knows to everyone in the place, Tim magical fingers and always beautiful piano, tom voice rising to the skies and Jesse my dear bassist it seems to that it has always been like this: always perfect. as you know I'm not you´re biggest fan, I don´t have days and hours commenting, there are many things that I look but I cannot comment and I'm never the first to be here because I can´t but you must know that over all the things I love you, to I thank you for your time and I hope that when you return to Mexico to we meet again in a concert magic as this concert of tonight. Just now I like to know I like to feel that which we coincide on a few hours here, me at home, you in Austin but somehow we were all in the same place. I love you much and I wish you always the best.

Posted by rose chaplin at 5:53am, 18 Jan 2013

What a wonderful experience! Viva a Internet! OMG Tommy is singing...Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 5:51am, 18 Jan 2013

Thank you so much guys.....you don't know how much it meant to me to be able to watch this!!! You are amazing!!!

Posted by sparrow at 5:08am, 18 Jan 2013

Watching from Houston, wishing I were able to be in Austin tonight... Love, Simona.

Posted by sim163 at 5:06am, 18 Jan 2013

thanks guys for sharing this concert with us. It was amazing!

Posted by cofirst at 4:54am, 18 Jan 2013

AMAZING!!!! It's 2 am and I am singing my heart out!! My neighbours won't be happy, but I don't care!!! I can't wait to see you in April!!!!!!!!!

Posted by BrielleGL at 4:53am, 18 Jan 2013

lo disfrute muchoooooo KEANE TE AMOOOOOO KEANE I LOVE YOUUUU kisses from COLOMBIA

Posted by paliz at 4:51am, 18 Jan 2013

Great show!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys Monday in Minneapolis!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Britstar at 4:50am, 18 Jan 2013

SLC - my favourite favourite song, roll on summer when we go there again :-)

Posted by Cojoe at 4:33am, 18 Jan 2013


Posted by paliz at 4:20am, 18 Jan 2013

This Is The Last Time - the song that got me into Keane all those years ago - brilliant!!

Posted by Cojoe at 4:12am, 18 Jan 2013


Posted by paliz at 4:10am, 18 Jan 2013

watching from Monterrey! when I should be finishing my homework!! ♥♥♥ Tim!

Posted by carlaricque at 4:07am, 18 Jan 2013

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, it always makes me cry.

Posted by Cojoe at 3:55am, 18 Jan 2013

BAD DREAM!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by paliz at 3:49am, 18 Jan 2013

I LOVE TIM IN PIANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by paliz at 3:40am, 18 Jan 2013

she has no time!!!! tom´s voice is beautiful!!!

Posted by paliz at 3:33am, 18 Jan 2013

Oh Tom, now you can get any girl you want...! *lol #shehasnotime

Posted by avilgood at 3:31am, 18 Jan 2013

This is amazing, 3.20 am and lying in bed watching Keane!! Guys, you're sounding as great as ever. I don't know what state I'll be in at work tomorrow but what the hell!

Posted by Cojoe at 3:22am, 18 Jan 2013

I'm watching it now! You guys are looking fiiiiine.....!

Posted by avilgood at 3:20am, 18 Jan 2013

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m Watching!! I´m So Excited!!! Here in BOGOTA COLOMBIA!!

Posted by paliz at 3:07am, 18 Jan 2013

Im watching the interview! It's about to start!

Posted by carlaricque at 2:51am, 18 Jan 2013

http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Keane%27s+Sta geside+Live+performance+at+ACL+Live+-+http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2Fstgsdlive& iso=20130117T21&p1=24 ok see you at 10:00 p.m :) just a little time mistake of my part :)

Posted by rose chaplin at 1:26am, 18 Jan 2013

I'm waiting For my moment to come I'm waiting For the movie to begin I'm waiting For a revelation I'm waiting for someone To count me in im waiting for keane !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by rose chaplin at 1:08am, 18 Jan 2013

it's now after 3 pm in Austin. And mostly the gig is in the evening. I think there is something not right here with the time. It's not at 10 pm ET. Must be around 3 am ET if you guys are playing in the evening.

Posted by dogivy at 9:16pm, 17 Jan 2013

it's now after 3 am in Austin. And mostly the gig is in the evening. I think there is something not right here with the time. It's not at 10 pm ET. Must be around 3 am ET if you play in the evening.

Posted by dogivy at 9:14pm, 17 Jan 2013

I think 3 in the morning in the UK!! :(

Posted by TomsMic at 9:01pm, 16 Jan 2013

Anyone know what time this is on in the UK?

Posted by ejcaley at 7:48pm, 16 Jan 2013

Thats fab.I shall be watching that.....Hoping you guys do some more gigs back in the UK....Its been 2 months since seeing you last and cant wait for another concert soon xxx

Posted by EM1977 at 10:36am, 15 Jan 2013

Could the admin please delete that xujiewen spam?!!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:03pm, 12 Jan 2013

Early Winter preciosa canción. Mucho mejor cantada por Tom que por Gwen Stefani. Chicos, cuidaros mucho, y no olvidéis que Keane = Tom+Tim+Richard+Jesse = 10 Besos des de Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:50am, 12 Jan 2013

Great! I've just posted my question. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:30am, 12 Jan 2013

It's nice to hear that!!! It's a shame that you have completed the European tour, but at least we can see you through here directly. Thank you for thinking of your fans as much as you do, it's really nice of you. Best regards from Barcelona!!! Take care =).

Posted by evabcn at 10:52pm, 11 Jan 2013

HI MY FRIENDS!!! this is the Best news of the day! Loves of you are thinking like that to your fans you are the Europeans really Cute boys; ...... I am looking forward to be on January 17 to share with you a very instant of Happiness *** thank you thank you I Love you lots of beautiful moments during this tour has ** Gros Bisous All USA

Posted by choupette94 at 10:04pm, 11 Jan 2013

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Posted by xujiewen at 6:58am, 20 Dec 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Some minutes ago I was listening to Strangeland (and also Dave Brubeck, who died this week... great, great jazz man!) and I am here just to say, thanks for sharing this news, great news, indeed for North-american people. Thank you! Lots of love! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 1:07pm, 08 Dec 2012

soy de Monterrey mexico, y como el concierto de aqui estuvo increible no podia perder la oportunidad de verlos en vivo otra vez y compre boletos para Austin, no puedo creer que voy a estar en un concierto que van a pasar en vivoooo que suerteeeee, claro si regresan a Mexico cerrariamos con broche de Oro =D... ////I'm from Monterrey Mexico, and as the concert was awesome here could not miss the chance to see them again and buy tickets for Austin, I can not believe I'm going to be in a concert that will happen , im sooooo lucky ...clear if they return to Mexico would close awesome ... see you in Austin!!! yeeeeeeeiii

Posted by Elid@ at 3:58am, 07 Dec 2012

You are Adorable! even very far you share with us this magic moment !!!Thank you I LOVE YOU

Posted by choupette94 at 6:49pm, 06 Dec 2012

Grazie di cuore Km, questa è una fantastica notizia, sono contentissima! Sabrina from Catania, Sicily!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:18pm, 06 Dec 2012

USA and Europe fans are very lucky. You play more often and closer to them. In Latin America we have to wait for years and buy our tickets very quickly because they sell out. In my case, I have to travel for more than 800 miles. It's very nice of you to make the wait easier with live blogs and streams. Thank you very much for that. Once again I'll be seeing you from my computer, hoping next time I can see you directly :)

Posted by BrielleGL at 1:17pm, 06 Dec 2012

Ohhhh! I'm crossin' my fingers and legs that someone with a golden heart would record this and share that video with everybody here in Europe. I'm already missing KEANE!!!!

Posted by anouk23 at 9:05am, 06 Dec 2012

Great! Well..I will probably watch the stream just crying for not being in Texas in January. I miss you!!! Thanks for the opportunity to see the band anyway. I wish you all (band, crew and km staff) a wonderful holiday season. Love. Simona

Posted by sim163 at 3:56am, 06 Dec 2012

Hola!!! Soy de México, y entre en el enlace para ver el concierto ke emiten hoy (Neon Trees) y no lo puedo creer, la calidad es increíble, no puedo esperar a ver a Keane!! Es como estar ahi, de verdad me impresionó, Contaré los días hasta el concierto del 17 de Abril, INCREIBLE!!! prueben ustedes entrar a ver ke tal les funciona, yo estoy feliz ...

Posted by nayys09 at 2:27am, 06 Dec 2012

@Dra_House Hola, yo creo que lo dicen porque los conciertos en Europa han acabado, y por eso dicen aquello de que los fans europeos podrán ver un concierto en directo (y pensábamos que íbamos a estar mucho tiempo sin verlos). En Enero toca la gira Americana, y en Abril irán para Perú y Chile, si no recuerdo mal (y supongo que ya que están, ampliarán más la gira); por eso no mete a Latino America, porque vuestro tour empieza en Abril, entonces les vereis en unos meses (los europeos ya no sabemos cuando les volveremos a ver). El concierto es un stream, a no ser q tengas problemas en tu país con la cadena que lo emite, estoy segura de que lo podrás ver (pincha el enlace y haz la prueba). Espero que te haya servido de ayuda. Besos

Posted by LifeParadox at 12:52am, 06 Dec 2012

Oh, this is great news, as a matter of fact I am feeling kind of nostalgic and already missing Keane...so this does give me a joyful 'perspective' for early 2013...thanks a lot!

Posted by hlimpo at 10:47pm, 05 Dec 2012

So bad it'll be 4am in Belgium when it starts. Plus it's on a school night. :/ I really hope someone will record it for all the people who can't watch it.

Posted by Estelle_ at 10:30pm, 05 Dec 2012

Quisiera poder decir que en la vida todo se premia, ahora les tocaba a ustedes, Felicidades, en éste han logrado grandes maravillas,que la vida les premie lo que algunas sembraron, que no sea en vano el timpo y se contemple con gran esmero lo que ya se ha logrdo. =)

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 10:24pm, 05 Dec 2012

This is awesome news! I'm already feeling withdrawal symptoms at the thought of no live shows for a looooooong time! So this is something special to look forward to! Just a point: I clicked on the CBS/Stage-Side-Live link & my virus prevention software has blocked the site & deemed it unsuitable to open!! Anything I/you can do? I'm hoping I will still be able to view the webcast somehow &/or it will be available to watch again on Youtube/Vevo. Thanks km! Ange xx

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 10:24pm, 05 Dec 2012

Fanx guys, I saw u at 02 on Friday night xx love it love it love it xx now I have somethin to look forward to :oD xx from one happy lady in Kent xx

Posted by printboy72 at 10:20pm, 05 Dec 2012

well, no thanks I won´t buy the new Nokia etc..even there are 3 different versions of this commercial. 1st) I´m a woman and not this arrogant man who announce it. So, this commercial doesn´t speak to me & for the moment I´m fine with my mobile I have. Can´t buy me every 2 minutes a new one!!! 2nd) congrats to Keane or CBS whoever made a 10 minutes clip with always repeating the same 22 seconds commercial. My brain feels brainwashed. But 3rd) yay for the live-stream. Hope someone records it as in Europe it´s about in the middle of the night & I probably will sleep as I´ll go the next day to work. 4th) that´s all :)

Posted by Johanna at 10:01pm, 05 Dec 2012

Great, but.... What about the rest of the world fans?? Will it be available to Latin America fans?

Posted by Dra_House at 9:58pm, 05 Dec 2012

Strangeland está más cercano a los gustos americanos. Tiene bastante aire country aunque no lo parece. A veces necesito recordar Under The Iron Sea para buscar la brutal fuerza que tenia este CD. Tim Rice sabrà explicar que tenía este CD. Para el mejor de los 4. Strangeland guarda un cierto desánimo por lo perdido ó por lo dejado atrás y que no puede ser. Para mí Hopes and Fairs i Under The Iron sea guardan la época de libertad de Tom. Quien pudiera volver atrás y conseguir un Under The Iron Sea con la misma calidad de sonido que Strangeland. Pero cada etapa es cada etapa. Y muy muy a mi pesar, me quedo con Debajo del mar de Hierro. Aquel Nothing in my way es irrepetible. Besos. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:40pm, 05 Dec 2012

PLEASE !!! #ArgentinaNeedsKeane

Posted by bren_arevalo at 8:41pm, 05 Dec 2012

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