Hear Zulu Winter's new track

10 Jul 2014

Check out Feel Love, the new track by former Keane support act Zulu Winter.

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¿Keane? :(

Posted by sebamaulen at 2:39am, 15 Jul 2014

ZULU WINTER ** it's with you that I 've discovered ; first part of a wonderful concert; in London June 8, 2012 concert which I have never been as happy as this weekend **since time soon as I listen to my memory made ​​me relive this wonderful evening ** I wish them much success and their find why not on stage with you ** could you tell us when will we have immence happiness you find all four for a WONDERFUL concert**** I hope very soon ** I miss you! much love and very big hugs to all rom France ** je vous adoreeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 6:19am, 13 Jul 2014

Has anyone heard anything about Tom's performing at a celebration of the songwriting of Tim at London's R F H?

Posted by jado72 at 2:46pm, 12 Jul 2014

It's even worse than Wof Gang's one!

Posted by Son2 at 4:49pm, 11 Jul 2014

Another pile of rubbish.

Posted by Son2 at 4:47pm, 11 Jul 2014

The end is the best part. A bit boring, like this website at the moment... I still miss you a lot guys!

Posted by Marigold at 2:05pm, 11 Jul 2014

Oooooops, they did it again. And what has happened to the Video Memories?

Posted by JDP at 12:27am, 11 Jul 2014

Yes, it sounds that we have to endure Keane taking a break for 3 years. This is a sad time for us!

Posted by roosyangel at 7:04pm, 10 Jul 2014

I mean, again someone other than Keane on this site?

Posted by jado72 at 4:59pm, 10 Jul 2014


Posted by jado72 at 4:52pm, 10 Jul 2014

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