Richard's Best of 2013

30 Dec 2013

1. Favourite album of 2013?
1. Tegan & Sara - Hearthrob
2. Arctic Monkeys - AM
3. The National - Trouble will find me

2. Favourite single?
Closer - Tegan & Sara - an utterly perfect pop song. Saw them play at the Troxy - great gig.

3. Best gig you saw?
The above, plus
The Killers - Wembley Stadium & aftershow-show at The Garage
Bruce Springsteen - Werchter Classic
Laura Mvula - Latitude
Not a gig, but I also went to see The Book of Mormon, which I loved.

4. Best gig you played?
Tunbridge Wells Forum, and keep an eye out for Longfellow - the band who opened for us - check www.fiercepanda.co.uk.

5. Best film you saw?
Finally watched Silver Linings Playbook, which I loved, and just saw Gravity, which I thought was brilliant.

6. Best trip you made?
Roadtrip through France & Switzerland to Italy (& back)

7. Best TV show you watched?
Breaking Bad / Homeland / The Tunnel

8. Best book you read?
Only just started it, but want to plug "I Am Troy Davis" by Jen Marlowe & Martina Davis-Correia, with Troy Davis.

9. Best meal you ate?
Pizza at a place called La Bussola, Florence
Incredible Pasta at Danilo, Modena

10. Best thing you bought yourself?
A proper road bike.

11. Best thing someone else bought for you?
This badge (but I lost it so need to buy another one).

12. Best website you visited or app/podcast you downloaded?
Website - still love 'Life at the end of the road', also Rob (lighting guru) and I started a coffee blog a while back - http://touringcoffee.tumblr.com/

Also want to plug the great work of The London Cycling Campaign - I've been to a couple of their protest rides this year.

Podcast - KCRW Left, Right and Center / The Life Scientific / WTF with Marc Maron

Apps - the GoPro iphone app is amazing for setting up the camera (like I do for filming gigs).

13. Best thing that happened in 2013 for Keane?
We played before Bruce Springsteen, and he apparently came to watch a bit of our set… The Berlin show was a highlight, except for missing JQ of course. Oh, and our Best Of… came out, and we finally went to Number 1 in the singles charts (sort of)! Not a bad year, really.

14. Best thing that happened in 2013 for you?
I'd never been to Latitude, but Jesse got me a ticket and we had a blast. Really hope we can go again next year.

15. Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2014?
Spending some proper time at home (and abroad) with Mrs H, reading the pile of books I've amassed, all between training to get fit enough to ride my bike from Land's End to John O'Groats.


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lol I was 50% kidding I'm not a stocker or anything (or maybe I am... jk)

Posted by lulu99 at 3:33pm, 12 Jan 2014

that's a sexy picture

Posted by lulu99 at 3:31pm, 12 Jan 2014

Hello Richard. I hope you really read all these messages. Best wishes for you and everything and more you wish for for you and your loved ones for 2014. (Lots of fors!) Breaking Bad and Homeland are highest on my list of series as well, just as The Sopranos. Unbeatable quality. If you have finished cycling from John O to Land’s E, try the Europe R1 cycleroute. http://www.euroroute-r1.de/EN/Introduction/Details/Introducing_the_Eur oroute_R1/K407.htm It goes all the way from Boulogne in France, past my town of The Hague in Holland to Berlin (and even further. The Netherlands and Germany have many great and specials routes for cycling, often separated from cars, along rivers or through woods etc. Perhaps even much safer than cycling in England. My husband and I love cycling them. Have lots of fun doing all the things you couldn’t do when busy with Keane. But remember to come back! I would very much like to hear many new songs. JoyceG, The Hague, Holland.

Posted by JoyceG at 6:32pm, 05 Jan 2014

Favourite album of 2013: AM!! Yessss, I agree! Together with The best of Keane :)

Posted by Lari at 6:48pm, 04 Jan 2014

You guys should do a Harlem Shake

Posted by lulu99 at 12:48pm, 04 Jan 2014

Hello Richard, I liked your answers, always very interesting! I'm glad to know that one of your best travel is also included Italy! Often I'm sure you look at the book that you have given us Italian fans with much love! A hug from Sabrina, Catania, Sicily !

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:34pm, 03 Jan 2014

Tk you so much, I love reading yr year's highlights, always so very interesting and lovely suggestions, abt books, and films, records, experiences..everything! I also love T&Sarah's album and I will for sure read "I am Troy Davis." Great to know you have a coffee blog, Richard! Will check it out, some posts on portuguese coffee? ;) Tk you again, for being just as you are, for the absolutely magical KEANE year of 2013 - wish you a terrific 2014, and that you may accomplish the plans you have for it. Lots of love, always! Xx

Posted by hlimpo at 3:13am, 03 Jan 2014

Thanks for sharing it and many other things (trough Twitter), sweet Richie! Have a great 2014!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 4:35pm, 02 Jan 2014

I agree with you about Tegan & Sara's Hearthrob. Great album. I read somewhere that it is their best seller.

Posted by Left Coast at 7:10am, 02 Jan 2014

Happy New Year 2014 Rich. It´s great you had loved The Book of Mormon!!! =D

Posted by G-ly.:Peru:. at 3:13am, 02 Jan 2014

Best wishes ! I hope the best meal you'll eat in 2014 will be in France ! You should try snails or frog legs !!! And make the most of your free time ! .

Posted by french burning heart at 3:56pm, 01 Jan 2014

happy new year guys!!! This year was quite difficult for me, but thanks to all the music you have put everything in my life is better ... a lots of love for you

Posted by anitaloveskeane at 4:06am, 01 Jan 2014

Hi Richard!!! it's always pleasure to read your highlights Richard! I wish you a very happy new year!!! :D A lot of kisses from Argentina!

Posted by sunshine_ceci at 10:44pm, 31 Dec 2013

Rich, I loved reading your best of 2013. Have a great New Year. I wish all the best for the world Keane.Cheers! Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 5:05pm, 31 Dec 2013

salut RICHARD !! Que de souvenirs; je suis heureuse de te retrouver pour un petit tête à tête comme on dit chez moi en France : j 'adore ses petits moments de confidences ou tu nous confies un peu plus tes gôuts et passions ;je voudrais te dire combien je suis heureuse de te connaitre ;tu es vraiment un garçon trés adorable : près de tes fans ; toujours disponible tu n'hesites pas a donner de ton temps ; lorsque tu t'engages pour soutenir une cause tu le fais avec amour ; c'est une de tes qualité que j'appprecie Enormement chez toi ; !! ton épouse doit etre trés fiere te d'avoir a ses cotés **je voudrais te dire un grand merci pour tous ses moments de Bonheur que tu nous à encore donner sur scène cette année .... je ne suis pas musicienne mais ;tu sais il m"arrive souvent lorsque j'ecoutes vos chansons de faire semblant ;de jouer de la batterie ** tu vas peut être trouver cela idiot mais moi j'adore !!! '********* Mon plus grand bonheur avec toi c'est la photo que l'on a fait ensemble à Londres en juin 2012 :: elle ne me quitte pas ça été un moment trés fort en émotions pour moi ** je te souhaite ainsi qua ta petite femme :: mille belles choses !!! plein de bonheur et d'amour pour 2014 !!! (juste une petite chose avant de te quitter j'espère du fond du coeur te retrouver en cours de l"année 2014 pour un autre super concert *** Bonne lecture !! je te fais te très gros bisous *** TRES BONNE ANNEE2014

Posted by choupette94 at 4:44pm, 31 Dec 2013

Rich, I've always thought you look like Bradley Cooper in SL Playbook! Did you see a resemblance? I love the way you call your wife Mrs H.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 4:10pm, 31 Dec 2013

I wish you 2014 more exciting than 2013 and that's not a bad year! I want to thank you for your music and wish to see Keane if not in 2014 hope for 2015. I'm just in love with your work, it hard to describe but I feel it inside of me, I just love wath you do! So Happy New Year et wish you the best for you and your family! Bisous, bisous Josée

Posted by josee at 1:54pm, 31 Dec 2013

Dear Richard, I wish you the best for 2014. Keep your smile and your humor. I love them. I hope that the band will come back very quickly. Maybe in 2015 ?? Kisses from France.

Posted by bibounette at 9:23am, 31 Dec 2013


Posted by PIERO at 4:56am, 31 Dec 2013

good! Rich also i loved Grvity movie [[[*¨] greetings from Mex.

Posted by gabriela at 1:39am, 31 Dec 2013

Rich, I wish the best for you, to this next year :D Greetings from Chile. We miss you so much!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 1:12am, 31 Dec 2013

Have you seen Gravity at the Imax? Brilliant!

Posted by ahhceo at 10:35pm, 30 Dec 2013

Good luck on your ride from Land's End to John O'Groats!!! If there isn't Atlantic ocean i will ask you to come to Argentina by bike haha!

Posted by ladyofsorrows-9 at 9:13pm, 30 Dec 2013

I'm glad you had a great year! Thanks for sharing it Rick! Hope to see you around soon. Lots of love from Argentina xx

Posted by pskeane at 8:53pm, 30 Dec 2013

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