Contest: Create your Best of Keane

22 Dec 2013

Enjoying The Best of Keane but think you could have made a better tracklisting? Now's your chance to prove it, with our new contest. Create a playlist of your favourite Keane songs on Deezer, Rdio, or Spotify and you could win a year's Preimum + subscription for Deezer.

The playlist with the most subscribers by 11.59pm on 12th January will win (so don't forget to share your playlist with your friends). Enter by submitting your playlist's URL here

We look forward to seeing your tracklistings!

Comments (11)

Again my best wishes and all the luck and happiness you wish for 2014 for the boys of Keane themselves and everybody involved with the band. I only got round to post my personal Best of selection on Spotify today. No less than 51 songs, less wouldn’t do, so according to me there should have been a third cd in the Best of! I hope many people will find my playlist on Spotify and get as enthusiastic as I am about Keane. Joyce G

Posted by JoyceG at 1:48pm, 05 Jan 2014

You guys should do a Harlem Shake. And yes: I am going to insist a lot.

Posted by lulu99 at 12:39pm, 04 Jan 2014

May I put in a vote for Stop For A Minute?

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 6:27pm, 30 Dec 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I really do not understand why people in general do not mention The Boys. Everything is great on that song! It would be in my track list, for sure. All the best to my favourite band and sorry to say I read yesterday on the newspaper a woman, 47 years old died and in the obtuary (?), a small article about her death says she was a Keane fan. She was from a japanese family (but living in Brasil; she was a doctor). I was sad when I read that...

Posted by Isa at 12:15pm, 29 Dec 2013

Must add Neon River!!!

Posted by JDP at 11:56am, 26 Dec 2013

Is there a limit to how many songs can be on the playlist? I don't want to get rid of songs that were on the album already, but I'm at 43 tracks right now. Would it be better to make a playlist of the songs that should have been on, but weren't?

Posted by outofeveryone at 7:26pm, 25 Dec 2013

My Dear Friends ** A big thank you for all these AMAZING moments shared with you throughout this year 2013 ** Thanks for all the EXCELLENT songs. Thank you for your kindness and your love for your audience: I hope that your absent will not be too long Thanks again for all happiness that you give me I wish you all a very merry Christmas with your families and that this new Year 2014 brings you even more happiness and joy! ! LOT OF LOVE TO ALL ** BIG KISSES FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 5:52am, 24 Dec 2013

the best man win good luck to all

Posted by choupette94 at 5:50am, 24 Dec 2013


Posted by Alekeane at 2:55am, 24 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas Mr.Km.com! Thank you and congratulations for your great work in this Keane site!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 7:35pm, 23 Dec 2013

The only change I'd make would be to add Neon River!

Posted by belle98 at 2:38pm, 23 Dec 2013

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