Video memories: #2 Silenced By The Night

16 Dec 2013

To coincide with the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Next up is Jesse, telling us about the Silenced By The Night video:

We filmed the band part for this after spending the week at SXSW in 2012. I'm pretty sure that the actors and crew actually did the full road trip from L.A. to Austin. Method music video acting. For the bit with us in there was a pickup truck with a huge light on it and they just drove around lots of times very fast. It was really dusty.


Video memories: #1 Bend And Break


Comments (11)

With this song and video I fall in love with you!!

Posted by marisafabi at 9:13pm, 22 Jan 2014


Posted by gabriela at 3:28am, 20 Jan 2014

Muy Lindo tema... ;)

Posted by maraza at 11:48pm, 07 Jan 2014

You guys should do a Harlem Shake

Posted by lulu99 at 12:42pm, 04 Jan 2014

Hahaha you had to take a shower after the shot, no way out. It's great to see you sharing these memories :) Lots of love, Babs xx

Posted by pskeane at 12:09am, 28 Dec 2013

Maybe you had to be there Jesse?

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 9:17pm, 19 Dec 2013

Thanks Jesse! How's your baby boy?

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 4:55pm, 17 Dec 2013

Jesse, Richard, Tom,Tim?? They've always been like one to us anyway.

Posted by JDP at 10:25pm, 16 Dec 2013

I remember when you do this album impatience that I had to listen to all these new songs: no pretemtion, when I heard the first extract of silenced by the night I knew it would be a one succè but I I had no idea that the video would be as , Romantic she takes you on this toubillon love and tenderness ** Evasion that we all want to live with such passion *** LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE ***je vous adoreeeeeeeee ****

Posted by choupette94 at 9:40pm, 16 Dec 2013

It's Jesse in Richard's body maybe? LOL!! Thanks for the memories

Posted by nahobi at 9:11pm, 16 Dec 2013

Richard telling us? Or maybe Jesse? Copy and paste?

Posted by Vena at 8:46pm, 16 Dec 2013

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