Won't Be Broken to be next single

13 Dec 2013

We're pleased to report that Keane's next single will be Won't Be Broken, the second new song to be taken from The Best Of Keane (after Higher Than The Sun). It's out on 20 January 2014. You can hear the track above. And here's the artwork:

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already posted a comment but I just love the song too much. I really hope it'll have a video!

Posted by lulu99 at 12:48pm, 30 Dec 2013

Great ! The song and the artwork are full of hope : Keane won't be broken ! How come french radios don't broadcast it ?

Posted by french burning heart at 1:25pm, 27 Dec 2013

Hopefully this will be a big hit for you. Would be nice and you deserve it!

Posted by Marigold at 10:54am, 27 Dec 2013

Guys, you never disappoint me, love the song and the artwork!

Posted by Marigold at 10:48am, 27 Dec 2013

Sorry, I forgot to write that I like the artwork very much!

Posted by JoyceG at 9:56pm, 21 Dec 2013

I just read on Facebook that this single is BBC Radio 2's single of the week! Great! JoyceG

Posted by JoyceG at 9:55pm, 21 Dec 2013

This is such a great song! It's so good to hear that it's going to be a single. Great choice!

Posted by Britstar at 4:08am, 18 Dec 2013

I drift these days between shades of blue, deepest reds, and I try to grasp and reach for the brightest hues of yellow and always try to search for the purest of whites….and always.. always…with KEANE by my side…

Posted by Nina at 6:45pm, 15 Dec 2013

I love this song!

Posted by Nina at 6:28pm, 15 Dec 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** What a beautiful cover for a beautiful song! Loved it!

Posted by Isa at 1:06pm, 15 Dec 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I´ve spent all morning today listening to some cds of my dear band Keane. I have no been here much often because I was too busy dealing with a book that finally is now in some book shops on-line and it was written in 2008. But, just now I could publish it and the main character is called Thomas (Tomás, in Portuguese, that is our language here in Brasil, because we were once a Portugal colony). Anyway, it takes place in two different cities, a big one, São Paulo and a small village, Avermelhados (Redish), fruit of my imagination. The year is 1969 and everything is showed by the point of view of a young boy those days. Beatles, big solid cars, and a family that is falling apart. Drama and some sense of humour are mixed. I do hope Keane fans like it. Sorry the marketing, but it´s so hard to sell literature in this country! Keane fans can find it on Livraria Cultura and Livraria Saraiva, on-line. The name is A Paz do Meu AvÔ (The peace of my grand-father) and my name is Isa Fonseca. Thank you! Keane, we love you! XXXX I am very glad about the news! Thank you! Lots of love!

Posted by Isa at 1:00pm, 15 Dec 2013

I love WBB!! What a beautiful song... I hope video isas good as the song ;) HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 12:33pm, 15 Dec 2013

I never knew that about the language of flowers. I like it very much. I never even knew that you could get blue daises, I thought that they were always white.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 12:02pm, 15 Dec 2013

Excelent!!! :) :) it is a lovely song :3

Posted by Monserrat at 3:56am, 15 Dec 2013

I adore Won't be Broken...it's brilliant, so powerful and uplifting, and so Keane! It turned out to be a very, very important song for me, it gives me so much strenght and hope ♥ The artwork is just beautiful and I guess it somehow matches the spirit of the song...a bright flower showing up from the cold mountains = it resisted all adversities and came out even stronger ;) You're amazing!!! xxxx

Posted by hlimpo at 12:21am, 15 Dec 2013

LOVE THE SONG! I think I like it even more than I like HTTS!

Posted by lulu99 at 5:51pm, 14 Dec 2013

Congratulations dear Keane, this new song gives me so many good feelings and makes me dream, you have done a great job, I love it, it's so sweet and energetic at the same time fully reflects your style! Thanks for all the music that we give away, a hug from your fan Sabrina violinist from Catania! PS Also I really like the artwork, it is colorful and cheerful!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:46pm, 14 Dec 2013

First of all, all my apologizes for my previous message. What a charming idea to illustrate the cover of your new cd with this blue daisy * Did you know that in the language of flowers it means ** I will stay faithful to you ! what a beautiful statement! to confess its feelings through flowers ** I'm sure some will find it silly, me I love it!! I think these new songs will have as much success as the others, they're all great !!!! ***LOTOF LOVE AND BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE !!! je vous adoreeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 10:27am, 14 Dec 2013

What a lovely idea to have put a daisy to illustrate your cover of your new CD ;Did you know that in the language of flowers a blue daisy ** I mean you'd be faithful! what a lovely statement ** confess his feelings through the intermediary of romantic flowers is not it?? but I'm sure some will find it silly nowadays I love ** I think these new songs will know many others that follow one another *** and are geniales! even at the office I sing! *** LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE *** je vous adoreeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 7:46am, 14 Dec 2013

Great news guys!!! Perfect for starting next year with the right foot! I love this song so much, it reminds me a lot of your sound when you began. XOXO

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 7:56pm, 13 Dec 2013

Wonderful news! It's such a powerful song!

Posted by Annaki at 6:06pm, 13 Dec 2013

Great song! Like HTTS and RFS. Well done again!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 4:11pm, 13 Dec 2013

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