Video memories: #1 Bend And Break

11 Dec 2013

To coincide with the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. We begin with Richard, telling us about the Bend And Break video:

I forgot how much Tim used to throw himself around! This was a crazy time - we started the year supporting Travis in venues smaller than this, and ended up at Brixton Academy for 3 nights. We flew to France the day after, missing our own aftershow party to get to the next thing - that feels like the story of 2004 - always heading to the next thing, never pausing to enjoy the moment.


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@Indonesia: oh hahaha Tim is in trance!! How can you still manage to press the right note? It must be simply you being TOO talented :) and no wonder you make some achievements of breaking the piano strings hahaha I love it when you loose yourself then and I love it when you were much calmer now on the stage.. lotsa love, maestro :)

Posted by pam.pamelia at 9:12pm, 17 Jul 2014

@Indonesia : it's just hard to decide what's mys fave Keane song. But if I really have to choose, definitely Bend and Break. This song means a lot to me & my husband as it helped cement the beginning of our relationship 7y ago. How can you not cry over "when you forget your name, when all faces are look the same, meet me in the morning when you wake up". I don't care if the whole song isn't what we interpret hahaa... I even mentioned it once to him that if I die, I want him to play this upbeat song :D the idea is so bittersweet, thx for the bittersweet song. Thanks a million, Keane

Posted by pam.pamelia at 7:53pm, 17 Jul 2014

Your efforts and sacrifices were worth it. Because of this, Keane became one of great bands of the world, congratulations!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 5:15pm, 21 Jan 2014

Amazing!! song, you were fantastic Tim I love how you play the keyboard :p

Posted by gabriela at 3:32am, 20 Jan 2014


Posted by DENI mOLINA at 3:11pm, 08 Jan 2014

la camisa de Tim el dia de Children in Need me encanto azul como el mar i con talles negres muy finas y sobretodo la barba de un o dos dias estas invitado a casa en barcelona marisa

Posted by OXFORDD at 2:07pm, 16 Dec 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo **** I DO LOVE this video and what a song! Great, indeed! Love you much, Keane.

Posted by Isa at 1:12pm, 15 Dec 2013

gracias esta musica sigo estando enamorada de tim rice ardientemente baila literalmente en el piano pierna izquierda cabeza y los ultimos compases buscando la nota tonica final abrumador te quiero tim simplemente como musico como no puedo trabajar eres mi unica distraccion necesito tu twietter petons barcelona

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:51am, 13 Dec 2013

Hopes and Fears and Under the iron Sea = 10 Tim Rice llego al maximo con Perfect Symmetry

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:44am, 13 Dec 2013

The song itself is amazing. The best of both worlds: Tim's beautiful lyrics + Tom's outsanding voice. But once you get to know what Richard has to say about the song, you have the perfect combination. Many thanks guys for these wonderful years. I'm really looking forward for some more. XOXO, Tom you are an angel, Tim, Richard and Jesse you are all lovely. Kisses from germany

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 10:33pm, 12 Dec 2013

AWESOME oh my GOD!! as this time is far!! Too bad we can not turn back time so we could revivres SPECIAL these times! During all these years there is something very strong which has not ceased to grow with your follow one another is LOVE that we have for you *** (I have for you))) these Video makes very nostalgic and mostly very sad because I know you will soon be over as this near us ** I miss you so much, just thinking about my tears flow!! TOMY I adore with you coiffureje is very SEXY! *** LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE ** je vous adoreeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 7:37pm, 12 Dec 2013

I think this one wears all three of you out!...It's so much fun to watch you all get really into this song!...Cheers!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA. @sambawoman

Posted by Sherry W. at 1:09pm, 12 Dec 2013

la luxacion ha sido por coger una bolsa de un armario de la manera mas simpli i incomprensible possible mi professora es muy atenta en la posicion del cuerpo y siempre avisa antes de empezar he sido yo en mi casa sencillamente

Posted by OXFORDD at 1:06pm, 12 Dec 2013

If only I don't bend and break I'll meet you on the other side I'll meet you in the light If only I don't suffocate I'll meet you in the morning when you wake me hecho una luxacion hombro izquierdo y graciasa esta musica sigo estando enamorada de tim rice ardientemente baila literalmente en el piano pierna izquierda cabeza y los ultimos compases buscando la nota tonica final abrumador te quiero tim simplemente como musico como no puedo trabajar eres mi unica distraccion necesito tu twietter petons barcelona

Posted by OXFORDD at 12:53pm, 12 Dec 2013

Aww look at Tom with his big hair! In fairness, that wonderful Chaplin voice has just got better & better over time. & Tim may not throw himself around as much these days, but he's still living it, enjoying it & turning it out! Thanks so much you guys for some of the best live gigs I've seen in the last 18 months or so. Come back soon. xxxxx

Posted by aliengirl at 12:27am, 12 Dec 2013

Hope you have time to enjoy yourselves from now on, and from the deepest part of my heart and soul I wish you all my best. I'll be waiting to see you around soon. Thanks for everything you've done for me by your music and without even knowing it, I'm so proud of being a Keane fan and I always will. Cheers guys! Barbara from Argentina xxx

Posted by pskeane at 10:19pm, 11 Dec 2013

This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with Keane back in 2004. I love Tim's energy and passion! xxxx

Posted by NET at 9:09pm, 11 Dec 2013

You guys are amazing! My favourite Keane song too :-)

Posted by belle98 at 7:31pm, 11 Dec 2013

Richard especially has often said how he felt they were rushing from one thing to the next from 2004-2006, never having time to pause and savour the moment. He often sounds quite wistful about this, and wishes that they could've have more time to enjoy their success. It seems that H&F and UTIS took everyone by surprise, and the record company wanted to ride the wave for as long as possible. 'What poor life this/ If full of care/ We have no time to stand and stare'.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 6:29pm, 11 Dec 2013

Bend and Break is the song that made me become your fan, almost three years ago. So little time, but lived with such passion. I'm so happy for having known the stories of your lives that made you become mates and friends, for having followed you along South America and having seen you five times live, for having witnessed your inexhaustible energy and your talent along with that inexplicable humility. And the magic when you look at each other while playing, even after fifteen years. For having been able to meet you and get in touch with you via twitter. So many things to say thank you, dear guys, because although the heart may be hardened, there is still time to wait for life to start. Lots of love from Buenos Aires! ♥♥♥♥

Posted by sandra@arg at 6:13pm, 11 Dec 2013

Luckily, the people realised that they had found a true gem, so they didn't want lose more time to spread all your brilliance. Thanks God!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 5:59pm, 11 Dec 2013

You are amazing since the start. Love you guys! I'm proud to be your fan. Hugs from Argentina- Melisa

Posted by melkeaner at 4:42pm, 11 Dec 2013

I got to know Keane much later, unfortunately. Love listening to all the songs. And great to see the beginning of the success story. Just got the mail announcing the next single release in January "Won't be broken". Good luck with that. Ik realy love that song.

Posted by JoyceG at 4:33pm, 11 Dec 2013

And that was the moment when I knew than Tim it's a crazy man of the piano :))

Posted by ClauTornier at 4:25pm, 11 Dec 2013

I absolutely love these "early days" videos...♥ can watch them endlessly! Your unique sound, your amazing energy and passion on stage, wow!!! So different from anyone else, so pure, I remember being absolutely 'stunned' when seeing yr first live performances! And my 'enchantment' has just grown and grown as yrs went by ♥ Tk you so much for sharing these so very special memories with us - lovely!!! XXXX

Posted by hlimpo at 4:20pm, 11 Dec 2013

Aww love your memories guys!! Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Paraguay :)

Posted by nahobi at 3:54pm, 11 Dec 2013

Amazing! I love it, so young :') good memories. This made my day... greetings from México!

Posted by ChappersGirl at 3:14pm, 11 Dec 2013

This old videos make me melt!

Posted by Rosmi Juarez at 3:12pm, 11 Dec 2013

wow!!!! great!!! have to see it right now!!!! Love from Taiwan-Chi xxxx

Posted by rainborn8228 at 3:04pm, 11 Dec 2013

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