US screenings of Best Of Keane Live

02 Dec 2013

We're very pleased to announce that the Live In Berlin concert which was shown in cinemas around the world on 6th November is coming to selected cinemas in America. The concert will be shown in full - exactly as it was in November. The cinemas showing it are below.


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Comments (10)

Hey! Anyone in the DC metro area? I'm not really trying to go to Jersey to see this lol but I tweeted KeaneOfficial how we can possibly get this shown in DC? I'm gonna e-mail E Street Cinema to see as well if it's not too late...

Posted by topherrobin at 5:37pm, 11 Dec 2013

No shows in Toronto?

Posted by yVONNEHELLO at 4:10am, 07 Dec 2013

Can not be in BERLIN is a Geode in Paris that I shared with you this show, that night the rest of the room was quite suprised me calm sitting looking at the screen as if it was a movie * * when it comes to KEANE there is nothing to do I have to do to see the world how much I love you * in the room there was only one crazy singing and dancing especially ME! I did not keep up as I attend every one of your show if I could see him I'd just as happy and I will relive this show the same way the heart overflowing with love for you!! I wish our friends a very good evening Americain is just pure HAPPINESS** LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE ** je vous adoreeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 4:09am, 06 Dec 2013

@SILVINA there were screenings on November 6th, in Buenos Aires & La Plata. Sadly, were suspended at the very beggining due to transmission problems. I don't think there will be another chance to see it on cinemas, here.....:'-(Hope I'm wrong)

Posted by Kjempebra at 7:46pm, 04 Dec 2013

Dearest Tim, please could you show us the other gems like "Russian Farmer's Song", which you have stored? Probably, you could release an album with just these hidden treasures!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 5:06pm, 04 Dec 2013

Hey!! what about Buenos Aires ?? we`d love to see the film too...

Posted by SILVINA (ARGENTINA) at 2:30am, 04 Dec 2013

Wow! The concert was so good than even after living it at Berlin it is worthwhile to spend Christmas Holdidays in the US to have the pleasure of watching it again! Love you guys. It would be really nice if after some time you could put it on sale by DVD and Blue-Ray. XOXO

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 7:43pm, 03 Dec 2013

Much obliged. Looking forward to it.

Posted by dzuma at 2:12am, 03 Dec 2013

Thank you for the Michigan viewing!

Posted by petersl1 at 9:04pm, 02 Dec 2013

Looks like all the California shows are way down in SoCal :( Hope everyone has a good time at the shows!

Posted by jenanndrumm at 9:03pm, 02 Dec 2013

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