Tim on Glenna Bell's Keane cover

03 Nov 2013
Tim on Glenna Bell's Keane cover

We had an evening off in Houston, TX back in January, so I sought out a tiny bar I'd heard of called La Carafe. It's the oldest bar in Houston, so they say. There were a few people taking turns playing guitars and singing songs, and last on was a brilliant singer-songwriter called Glenna Bell. Glenna and I got talking (she took an interest in my copy of John Fowles' The Magus), she came to our show the following night, and we have stayed in touch ever since.

Anyway, Glenna recently recorded a cover of Everybody's Changing which I think is absolutely stunning - possibly my favourite ever cover of a Keane song. You can hear it on her website or download it from iTunes. I feel like Glenna's reading brings out the passion and spirit of the song beautifully, and I love hearing the song stripped back and enriched by the country warmth of Glenna's resonant Texan tones. (She also does a mean cover of Watch How You Go!).



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p.s. When will Keane cover a song by Glenna Bell?

Posted by ilatan at 8:44pm, 06 Nov 2013

I have been listening to Glenna Bell's music for many years now and I am always taken by her powerful and warm voice. She is an amazing (and intelligent) singer-songwriter and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her work. This cover is another example of her incredible talent and she deserves every drop of Tim's kind words. Singing someone else's song is a difficult task, especially when there is a big following like the one Keane has. I think Glenna Bell proved once more that she belongs to the top. While she made the song her own, she respected its original sensibility. What a wonderful job! I strongly recommend her own compositions too. If you like humorous songs, listen to "How I Found Out I'm Insane" or "The Cougar Anthem" (that got her in the top 10). Other songs are pure liquid beauty: "The East End", "La Casa Que Yo Amo", "Hurricane". Forget about labels such as country, folk or whatever else, just listen closely a few times. How can any sensitive soul resist this?

Posted by ilatan at 8:40pm, 06 Nov 2013

Wow Tim! You really support your fans by keeping a track on them. Rather than commenting on the cover itself, I would like to point out the detail you are having for being thankful to a person that admires your work and sharing your feelings with us. You are such an amazing guy. I guess Richard, Tom and Jesse have a great friend on you. XOXO

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 7:11pm, 05 Nov 2013

Talented but not for me. It must be flattering and interesting to hear your work covered by artists in different genres but I'd rather hear Keane sing Keane. That's not to say I don't like a wide range of music spanning decades and a variety of styles. But Keane's Keane.

Posted by CAILY at 5:55pm, 05 Nov 2013

03 Nov 2013 was my Birthday *-* this is perfect :)

Posted by Rômulo Torres at 2:48pm, 04 Nov 2013

La escucharé. Supongo que cuando el compositor compone una canción piensa en el cantante. Keane, ha cantado canciones de otros cantantes y las ha adaptado a su estilo. Estaríamos hablando entonces de cómo Glenna Bell ha sabido adaptar Everybody's Changing a su voz y transmitir el sentido original ó particular a la letra ó a su contenido. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 12:37pm, 04 Nov 2013

Sorry, i don't like her voice.

Posted by jado72 at 10:46am, 04 Nov 2013

I think that we must respect Tim´s opinion about this cover. If the social media didn’t like it, who cares? He’s only sharing he´s feelings about this cover with all of us and gently ask for ours. We must respect that! And respect, here, each individual opinion about this.

Posted by helena1502 at 7:07am, 04 Nov 2013

I like the SOUND of the country versions of EC and WHYG so let Tom perform those! Ms. Bell has a lovely voice. I hope she continues to develop her natural talent.

Posted by dzuma at 3:58am, 04 Nov 2013

Sorry Tim (if you ever read this), but this cover is awful, I know you are into country music but this is definitely the worse Keane cover I've ever heard.. social media says the same and the word "different" its been used a lot around here, so have the feeling Keane fan base is not Glenna`s target.

Posted by DivAngel at 3:04am, 04 Nov 2013

Interesting country edition but her singing is too uniform and clipped to do justice to the emotions conveyed by the song. Tom’s version is still the BEST!

Posted by dzuma at 12:18am, 04 Nov 2013

I'm not a fan of country music but I really enjoyed this version and the others songs of this talented artist. Thanks!

Posted by marisafabi at 9:49pm, 03 Nov 2013

For those who loves country style, i agree, it´s a great cover. And she has also a beautiful and peaceful voice! I love it!

Posted by helena1502 at 9:09pm, 03 Nov 2013

wooow both songs sounds so unique :O I really like it !

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 8:29pm, 03 Nov 2013

Tim, you're right this cover is really nice. I've never imagined Everybody's Changing like a country ballad. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 8:27pm, 03 Nov 2013

Tk you Tim!! It's so different...very difficult to 'get inside', for me...makes the song more 'sharp', I guess..miss the original sweetness...like the Watch how you go version more than EC's though... just my feelings, I know nothing of nothing ;) But nothing compares to the originals, that's for sure. Much Love from Portugal Tim! xxx

Posted by hlimpo at 8:17pm, 03 Nov 2013

A humble opinion from Lebanon - Middle East; original version is much better (sorry)

Posted by roukosl@yahoo.com at 7:48pm, 03 Nov 2013

Sorry, I´m not into country music at all. And yes, nothing compares to the original.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:24pm, 03 Nov 2013

If a good version, she has a beautiful voice, but nothing compares to the original Well that's my opinion, Many kisses Tim

Posted by franshesmv at 7:14pm, 03 Nov 2013

Different... sounds like a waltz...

Posted by woody81 at 7:14pm, 03 Nov 2013

I always love your reviews. Thank you Tim! I'll give her a listen :) x

Posted by pskeane at 7:14pm, 03 Nov 2013

It's always nice reading whatever you have to say, Tim. Love you to bits.

Posted by lalivaldez at 7:10pm, 03 Nov 2013

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