Higher Than The Sun to be new single

23 Sep 2013
Higher Than The Sun to be new single

We're very pleased to announce that the first single from The Best Of Keane will be the new song Higher Than The Sun.

The track will make its radio debut on BBC Radio 2's breakfast show on Friday, when Tom is heading in to the station to play it to Chris Evans. You can listen to Radio 2 online here.

Here's the single artwork:

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in my eyes the artwork points to australia; please let this mean that keane are going to come back to play!!! :) :) :)

Posted by SKYLARKSOUND at 3:12am, 10 Oct 2013

Hi guys; toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Posted by natalia1234 at 7:47pm, 30 Sep 2013

What wonderful news to hear on the radio, congratulations Mr and Mrs Chaplin. x

Posted by delly at 4:23pm, 29 Sep 2013

A new song! Wow, this is wonderful news! I'm excited, I'm not in the skin, I can not wait to hear it, I heart is pounding! Very cute the single cover, is cheerful and I like the idea of the world map because your music comes softly around the world ! Greetings from Sabrina from Sicily!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 1:56pm, 28 Sep 2013

Tim is a GENIUS - more happy lyrics pls (as your tunes are always uplifting!) Congratulations Tom!

Posted by AnnetteM at 9:12am, 28 Sep 2013

Here is a link to podcast, highlights http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/evans

Posted by dzuma at 11:04pm, 27 Sep 2013

Link to Radio 2 page doesn't work and on the Radio 2 website it just has Chas & Dave and Darcey Bussell. I take it from the congratulations messages that Tom and Nat are expecting a baby? Best wishes indeed!

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 9:36pm, 27 Sep 2013

LOVE THE SONG!!!!!!!! I was sad because I couldn't hear the show live cuz I had to go to school ugh but I'm listening to it all tonight (I heard the song before) anyway CONGRATS GUYS & GREETINGS FROM SPAIN!!! :*

Posted by lulu99 at 8:34pm, 27 Sep 2013

We're higher than the sun, and nothing's gonna change the way I'm feeling now!!!!! I loved ittttttt!!! It's beautiful!!! I can't stop to listening!!! Bravo, bravo guys!!! I love Keane!!! Kisses from Atl GA.

Posted by Nelly Chaplin at 4:31pm, 27 Sep 2013

Amazing song guys! Congratulations, you did it again. I´m sure it will be a great success all around the world. Wish you the best of luck!!! Tom, what a voice that you have!!!! XOXO

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 4:31pm, 27 Sep 2013

Help - when can we buy this single?

Posted by AnnetteM at 3:09pm, 27 Sep 2013

I can only imagine "Higher than the sun" as a brilliant next Keane 'Anthem', so powerful and touching, for singing along with you, sharing that unique connection and amazing Bond of Love we live in every Keane gig..♥ Feel so grateful, because believe it's a song so much 'addressed' to all of us! Lyrics are beautiful and so meaningful… there's indeed a Keane song for each and every moment of our lives! And it's such a perfect song for us to reciprocate and sing back to you! :) because it expresses exactly how yr music makes us feel : "..like a friend you never knew was there"...♥ (love this little bit!) Finally..only Tom to give to the song its perfect sense, its true sentiment - such an amazing and heartfelt singing, OMG! With Keane "We're higher than the sun...and nothing's gonna change the way I'm feeling..!" yes - it says it all ♥ Love you Guys, tk you again and again, for bringing so much good into my life. Can't wait for November..! PS - Congratulations to Tom and Nat! Wish you all the happiness in the world, you so fully deserve it! Many Happy Greetings from Portugal ♥

Posted by hlimpo at 2:43pm, 27 Sep 2013

Love it !!!!!

Posted by jado72 at 11:42am, 27 Sep 2013

LOVE HIGHER. Basking in its warmth and glow.

Posted by dzuma at 10:10am, 27 Sep 2013


Posted by dzuma at 10:09am, 27 Sep 2013

Congratulations Tom and Nathalie!

Posted by AnnetteM at 9:25am, 27 Sep 2013

Absolutely love 'Higher Than The Sun' Thank you Keane, you never disappoint! :) XXXX

Posted by NET at 9:07am, 27 Sep 2013

Brilliant I can tell I love that song already (considering Keane songs usually have to grow on me). Tim you are a genius.

Posted by AnnetteM at 9:01am, 27 Sep 2013

Waiting patiently...not so patiently after all...I can't wait!!

Posted by sim163 at 8:07am, 27 Sep 2013

hola, chicos!! esperando el día, hoy mmm esperando #HigherThanTheSun!!! los quiero...

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 6:01am, 27 Sep 2013

Countdown in UK time @ http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=136

Posted by dzuma at 1:33am, 27 Sep 2013

I´m so excited about this performance. Wónt lose it for anything in the world. By the way, for those looking for the schedule, I´ve been surfing into internet and this show is broadcasted from 6.30 to 9.30 am (hour in UK). If someone is in Germany like me, that´s two hours difference, so for us it would be from 8.30 to 11.30. XOXO. Best luck TOM!!!!

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 7:14pm, 26 Sep 2013

That’s interesting, Indiegirl. The dog used to get me up at 6 but since she ascended to doggie heaven, wake up a lot later these dayzzz (:

Posted by dzuma at 7:02pm, 26 Sep 2013

Tom drew the short straw due to him always getting up at the crack of dawn (it was an answer to a Q&A Session once), so he'd probably be vaguely awake by 6.30 having got up at 5! Him and Richard had to do the BBC Breakfast news interview due to not having kids.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 6:41pm, 26 Sep 2013

BBC2 show begins at 6:30 am UK time according to this http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00p2d9w

Posted by dzuma at 6:08pm, 26 Sep 2013

Poor Tom, what has he done to deserve being on the breakfast show with Chas & Dave! At least he's got 6 weeks to recover from the trauma to be fit for Berlin. Be strong Tom, we're thinking of you xx

Posted by Cojoe at 10:23am, 26 Sep 2013

Can you please say at what time?

Posted by jado72 at 9:48am, 26 Sep 2013

Hi Guys! I know everyone can not be satisfied, but I am very unhappy to see that there are no cinemas in Paris or its surroundings me that doing me a joy to relive with you this show ; my happiness quickly turns into sadness *** unless to you make forgive us surprise you to return to France ** I hope with all my heart*** Lot of Love and BIG KISSES to all from France

Posted by choupette94 at 4:57am, 26 Sep 2013


Posted by gabriela at 4:43am, 26 Sep 2013

Give us a clue what sort time it's likely to be on, go on.

Posted by justanotherdawn at 12:54pm, 25 Sep 2013

INDONESIA is "Higher Than The Sun"!! :)

Posted by DAHVALMA at 11:03am, 25 Sep 2013

Gracias chicos!!! en los momentos dificiles de la vida, la música es lo que inspira la pasión, pero su música es simplemente lo que me lleva a un mundo nuevo y maravilloso, las melodías son como el reencuentro de mi misma en el sentido sublime de la inspiracion... GRACIAS!!! =)

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 7:29am, 25 Sep 2013

OMFG!!! This makes me happy :)

Posted by Dany Hughes Chaplin at 3:58am, 25 Sep 2013

Regresen a Perú son lo máximo

Posted by gambito936 at 3:31am, 25 Sep 2013

Super excited that I got a ticket for the gig in my hometown Berlin and now this new gem on Friday! I think I might cry!

Posted by Annaki at 4:01pm, 24 Sep 2013

This is great news!! I wasn't expecting a brand new single from you guys!!! Can't wait!! Hugs

Posted by gisellita at 8:49am, 24 Sep 2013

Can't wait! :D :D :D :D

Posted by ClauTornier at 3:52am, 24 Sep 2013

Felicidades por la presentación en la radio. Keane es para mi un referente como banda inglesa ahora que Europa está dirigida plenamente por Alemania. El resto de países no hemos aprendido demasiado después de lo sucedido en la II Guerra Mundial. Inglaterra, concretamente Londres quedó arrasada. Siguen con su moneda y en una posición alejada de la Unión Europea. Y los entiendo perfectamente. El resto de países estamos endeudados con Alemania. Un futuro no muy esperanzador. Barcelona. Marisa. Un petó para Tim.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:21pm, 23 Sep 2013

Hello my Dear Friends ** thank you for the info even if I have to listen to the office I'll be at RDV Friday too happy to listen to this new song that I'm sure must be wonderful friends a ** when list of cinemas for the of your great rebroadcast show in Berlin****** LOT OF LOVE and BIG KISSES TO ALL from FRANCE *** je vous adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 8:06pm, 23 Sep 2013

I'm so glad a new song is going to be the released single off the album! Can't wait!

Posted by sss86 at 7:58pm, 23 Sep 2013

Wow that´s amazing. I´m sure this song would be a hit from the same day it is presented. Best of luck guys. Love you. XOXO. Kisses from germany!!!!

Posted by MARYSOLIMART at 6:48pm, 23 Sep 2013

It must be a thrill. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 6:43pm, 23 Sep 2013

Oh my God can't wait to hear it!!

Posted by belle98 at 5:19pm, 23 Sep 2013

Can't wait to hear it! :) x

Posted by NET at 3:03pm, 23 Sep 2013

can't wait!! I love the artwork of higher than the sun!!!! I can see "Taiwan"!!!! LOVE!!!! Love from Taiwan-Chi xxxxxx

Posted by rainborn8228 at 3:01pm, 23 Sep 2013

♫♪♥♥[̲̅̅G][̲̅̅R][̲̅̅E][̲̅̅A][̲̅̅T] [̲̅̅N][̲̅̅E][̲̅̅W][̲̅̅S] [̲̅̅G][̲̅̅U][̲̅̅Y][̲̅̅S]♥♥♫♪

Posted by Fabi_MDQ at 2:20pm, 23 Sep 2013

Great!!! Thank you, guys =) HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE!!!

Posted by Dra_House at 1:38pm, 23 Sep 2013

WOOOOW I will be listening to you from Ecuador!!!!! XXX :D

Posted by Fannylou at 1:23pm, 23 Sep 2013

fantastic looking forward to Friday now

Posted by linearamp at 11:35am, 23 Sep 2013

Sooooooo excited to hear this! Roll on Friday! xxxx

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 10:48am, 23 Sep 2013

With the excitement of trying to buy tickets for the Berlin show (GOT ONE!!), I nearly missed this announcement - can't wait !! :)

Posted by dolphin1790 at 10:28am, 23 Sep 2013

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