Sovereign Light Cafe remix now on iTunes

30 Jan 2013

Afrojack's banging remix of Sovereign Light Café is now available to download from iTunes in more than 100 countries worldwide (Canada and the US are currently two of very few exceptions - sorry about that). Click here to get it from your local iTunes now. And preview the track above.

Comments (12)

Afrojack vs Keane, obviously KEANE WIN!!!!

Posted by endyhill at 9:39pm, 02 Mar 2013

Sorry guys I don't like it. In Italian they would say: "remix riuscito veramente male"....

Posted by gisellita at 10:45pm, 16 Feb 2013

Just because you can turn anything into a dance/house song, doesn't mean its a good idea. This song is epic. This "remix" is awful.

Posted by dalehimself at 11:46pm, 14 Feb 2013

Sorry to disappoint you ** Sovereign Light Cafe a pretty song why disfigure!! with this arrangement it loses its soul!, I Love The ORIGINAL ** Big Kisses to all

Posted by choupette94 at 4:37am, 31 Jan 2013

If it's a Keane song, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by watkinsa at 2:08am, 31 Jan 2013

soz *spoilt*

Posted by ruthie at 8:31pm, 30 Jan 2013

I am with Jado72 i prefer my own Keane think it has spoiltt a good song love you guys x

Posted by ruthie at 8:30pm, 30 Jan 2013

I prefer "my own Keane".

Posted by jado72 at 8:23pm, 30 Jan 2013

I am a Keane purist and have to say that I'd always prefer to hear Keane as it was originally intended. I'm also a Keane fanatic so of course I have to add the remixes to my collection.

Posted by CAILY at 5:20pm, 30 Jan 2013

Sorry, no. Not my cup of tea.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 4:28pm, 30 Jan 2013

Great! This song is really lovely. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:16pm, 30 Jan 2013

Love it , love it, love it.......... I don't think there is anything that you could do that I wouldn't love.x please continue to produce fantastic songs xxx

Posted by rump74 at 1:36pm, 30 Jan 2013

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