Watch Keane's Bing Lounge Session

10 Jan 2013

This week the band recorded a session for Portland OR radio station KINK.FM's Bing Lounge. Watch the performances - and an interview - below.

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Wow thanks so much for sharing these with us.your just too talented guys xxx

Posted by EM1977 at 11:03am, 14 Jan 2013

thanks for sharing these video's. Loved it!

Posted by dogivy at 8:59pm, 13 Jan 2013

...and when in Poland...?

Posted by Phumba at 2:55pm, 13 Jan 2013

Amazing!! Come to COLOMBIA KEANE!!

Posted by paliz at 11:31pm, 12 Jan 2013


Posted by marianelakeane at 10:15pm, 12 Jan 2013

So beautiful. Can you please consider doing an acoustic or B-sides tour someday? Love and kisses from The Netherlands.

Posted by Marigold at 9:30pm, 12 Jan 2013

so awesome as always why did you not do liverpool echo arena, it was great last time for the ps tour i am disabled and the disabled seating there is great where at the men its rubbish , so wish you would go back there.xxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 8:19pm, 12 Jan 2013

Rio is waiting for this!

Posted by aolbr at 3:14pm, 12 Jan 2013

A mi también me encantaria un Acústico en Barcelona. Tim, hablando como siempre de música, nos podrías explicar el porqué del Ciclo de Quintas de los Sostenidos y de los Bemoles. Cuando se habla de Sostenidos la escala es de Quintas Justas y cuando se habla de Bemoles és de Quartas. Porqué siguen esta progresión ? En principio no hay libros que hablen del porqué ocurre esto. Sabes Tim si es por la frecuencia de vibración de las notas ? Me gustaría saber si también te afinas el piano tu mismo. Conoces con precisión el mecanismo interno del piano ? Sería fascinante que dedicarías un vídeo para dudas de música. Te considero un músico intrumentista que experimentas con los sonidos. Con respeto y Admiración Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:36am, 12 Jan 2013

As I've said many times, it's always beautiful to see you in acoustic session, your music sounds perfect and it creates a special environment that only you can get. I love Somewhere only we know and Sovereign Light Café. I hope when you return to Barcelona someday, give us such acoustic sessions like this, bcoz it's a pleasure to listen at it. You're the best, guys!!! Each of you give a particular essence to Keane, Congratulations for all your work. Kisses from Bcn.

Posted by evabcn at 10:18pm, 11 Jan 2013

v I read, Tim is divorced.

Posted by Anka at 9:03pm, 11 Jan 2013

@Gudrun. I also noticed that. I hope everything is allright.

Posted by jado72 at 8:57pm, 11 Jan 2013

Somebody was not wearing his wedding ring that day...

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:55pm, 11 Jan 2013

Cari Keane, sono così contenta di questo bel regalo che avete fatto a noi fans, questi video sono stupendi: mi sono emozionata tantissimo a risentirvi in everybody's changing che è stata la prima vostra canzone che sentii alla radio anni fa e subito me ne innamorai, è sublime davvero e ogni volta che mi capita di ascoltarla è come se l'ascoltassi per la prima volta: mi trasmette sempre bellissime sensazioni, per me è una canzone magica!!! Un grosso abbraccio da Sabrina from Catania, SICILY!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:40pm, 11 Jan 2013

Love you guys so much! Please come and do some more UK shows, what about Jodrell Bank or Wilderness- a beautiful band for a beautiful festival .

Posted by moira196 at 12:56pm, 11 Jan 2013

Strangeland és de acústicos. In live son excelentes. Tocan muy bien conjuntados. Y cada uno sabe qual es su sitio en la banda. Tom està en su mejor momento personal i sónico. Su voz està madura a mi entender. Y Tim és un gran músico instrumentista. A mi particularmente me gusta más con el Yamaha, le sabe sacar mucho partido a este instrumento. Marisa. Por cierto, Tim, què tal el sofà Hemingway ? Estoy aprendiendo la escala relativa menor. La escala menor melódica me recuerda un poco bastante tus composiciones.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:11am, 11 Jan 2013

I love seeing Richard's expression in live acoustic with his tambourine -- keeping the beat alive :). And Everybody's Changing is like a breath of fresh air when played live. Very soothing. Awesome job, guys!

Posted by avilgood at 7:59am, 11 Jan 2013

Hi Friends ** I just connect the site to take some vitamin C for the day ** thank you to you for these videos is always a pure delight to listen to me sing TOMY I wish you lots of moments with your fans during this tour USA with all my Love *** Big Kisses to all from France

Posted by choupette94 at 6:48am, 11 Jan 2013

i don´t want be rude and tim´s musical arragements are great but the acustic version is increible

Posted by ana adrogué at 12:52am, 11 Jan 2013

♥ Hola chicos de Keane son los mejores tocan increiblemente bien, y sus canciones las amo, ademas los cuatro son hermosos... los amo Keane... Un Saludo desde Mexico City :D

Posted by angelicattrj at 12:46am, 11 Jan 2013

Beautiful, hoping for some more English shows soon. X

Posted by Joseylou at 11:06pm, 10 Jan 2013

Keane's acoustics are always so beautiful and emotional...Tom's voice is really a gift from Heaven, pure crystal clear! Loved it to pieces, tk you***

Posted by hlimpo at 11:03pm, 10 Jan 2013

Good perfomances, guys ♥ Tom's voice is amazing live!

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 10:20pm, 10 Jan 2013

It's just beautiful! I love Sovereing Light Café! Love from Mexico

Posted by akau_hp at 10:10pm, 10 Jan 2013

Why don´t you do such sessions in Europe like Germany? Ah, at least the Internet is for something good, yeah, thanks!

Posted by Johanna at 9:54pm, 10 Jan 2013

nice! I love it

Posted by shesay at 9:54pm, 10 Jan 2013

Acoustic gigs are the best

Posted by pushistik at 9:51pm, 10 Jan 2013


Posted by xcx at 9:10pm, 10 Jan 2013

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