Rob's UK tour photos

07 Dec 2012
Rob's UK tour photos

You might remember Rob Sinclair from years gone by, when he was Keane's lighting guru and sent us great photos to post on the website. Well, for the recent UK tour, Rob was the Show Designer (and we're sure anyone who saw it will agree he did a fantastic job). Happily, Rob still found time to take a bumper crop of amazing photos, and then send them to us. So we thought we'd post all of them...

Thanks Rob!

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2013! It's when I see the photos of Rob. I love the lights, the photos are really colourful. I love to see all these photos and they're so many. I like the sharp contrast, when it's colourful photos then it's black and white photos. They're amazing, really awesome. Maybe you can find one word, but one picture says more than one word. I hope that all the people who were there really enjoyed the show, loved it. I wish you guys can come to Sweden, once again. I'd love to see you playing here. Keane! 2013 may be the year for me. I love you guys! KEANE! Kisses and hugs from Sweden. ;)

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 9:15pm, 06 Jan 2013

so colourful!!! i love it!! :D thanks rob for these amazing photos.

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 1:39pm, 30 Dec 2012

ME ENCANTO ESTE VIDEO QUE VI CIRCULANDO POR EL FACE ¡¡¡ KEANE CHRISTMAS¡¡ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iHIOA3WDUaY

Posted by ASTRID_CHAPLIN at 1:49am, 12 Dec 2012


Posted by ASTRID_CHAPLIN at 1:46am, 12 Dec 2012

Podrían intercalar en algun concierto la canción "Allemande". Es una de las canciones que mejor encaja la letra con la música. Sobretodo cuando Tom canta "Sorry, sorry, ...." i las notas que salen de las manos de Tim lo acompañan perfectament en el sonido. Genial. Marisa Barcelona. Tim te encuentro a faltar en web. Una seguidora admiradora. Ojala te pudiera traer a casa para oírte.

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:21pm, 11 Dec 2012

Hi Guys, welcome to ARGENTINA, excellent concert! Nice photos... Nat, love Keane

Posted by natalia1234 at 5:19pm, 11 Dec 2012

This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!fantastic!!!!♥♥♥♥I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!:D

Posted by Melisa at 4:12pm, 10 Dec 2012

Great lights of all these games I regret even more not to have been with you when I see these fantastic photos a big thank you to Mr Rob Sinclair for sharing** you are the BEST I DOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU LOT OF LOVE BIG KISSES TO ALL

Posted by choupette94 at 9:01pm, 09 Dec 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Just my point-of-view.... I do not like much pics of the shows, when we can´t see well the faces, details, etc. You see one, you see all of them and some are boring. I liked much Tom on the truck/big box singing, I guess it´s backstage... Rich, great, Jesse, great, Tim, great. Just some of them.... but I know the fans like these kind of pics showing the gigs, so, it´s alright! Thanks for sharing! Lots of love! XXX

Posted by Isa at 10:59am, 09 Dec 2012

wow amazing pics, I love it , thanks Rob ... greetings from Mexico ♥

Posted by sonykeane at 1:37am, 09 Dec 2012

Rob Sinclair. I dont' kwnow who is this man. En internet dice que es un boxeador. Si es un guru, entonces te enseña un camino espiritual. Las fotos son excelentes en cuanto a luces i colores. Parecen tomadas desde diferente ángulos. Pero es del tour por UK. Encuentro a faltar los sitios de donde son. De todas maneres, las fotos de Richard son igual de buenas que éstas. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:03pm, 08 Dec 2012

Truly outstanding & spectacular light shows & shots!!! Thanks so much to Keane & Rob, the crew & km, for the exhilarating experiences on this tour!!!! Been amazing & incredible!!! Ange xxxx

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 4:11pm, 08 Dec 2012

The best band, the best pictures. That's it and know I'm right. WE LOVE KEANE!!!

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 2:40pm, 08 Dec 2012

They are just so good!! Great, great pictures! Beautifully well taken!! Keane on stage are f*cking amazing and the photos show that very well. I'm impressed, they are really good! Thanks for sharing them with us. Brazil loves Keane

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 2:30pm, 08 Dec 2012

Amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

Posted by SylliBee at 11:52am, 08 Dec 2012

Hey, Mr. KM.com =) Great photos and beautiful lights effects... BUT (sorry for the honesty) it seems that Bob hasn't thought about the comfort of the audience... So much light interferes with the view of the band, and sometimes even HIDE it!! THE BAND DISAPPEAR UNDER THE LIGHTS!! I feel pity for the people who received those lights just in their faces... =(

Posted by Dra_House at 11:44am, 08 Dec 2012

Great Job! I loved all the shots, but for me: DSC_2409-1 looks like a pool of lights and DSC_3017-1 Tom is a singing angel. These photos are full HD images. Rob & Km.com, thank you very much for sharing those magical moments. Nighty-night, beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:03am, 08 Dec 2012

feliz de que vuelvan a Argentina!!!

Posted by la turca at 2:59am, 08 Dec 2012

Very impressive rig. I spent most of Wolf Gang's set trying to work it out technically.... ;-) I still regret missing the 2007 UTIS o2 set as the '3D-ish' rig with the bars of light and more respectively the animated Sanna artwork looks incredible. I imagine we won't ever see any of that or hear Tim play TIS live again now. :-( The 2009 PS set was cool but didn't come close to 2007 or this year. Has Rob won any awards for his work? - well deserved!

Posted by Slappyhead at 12:03am, 08 Dec 2012

Awesome!! thanks Rob, great pictures!!!

Posted by aelen at 11:42pm, 07 Dec 2012

It says "angel" on Rich's drum :)

Posted by theresa_b at 11:12pm, 07 Dec 2012

Richard e' un vero figaccione!

Posted by gisellita at 11:09pm, 07 Dec 2012

Brilliant photos love them !!

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 10:14pm, 07 Dec 2012

MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013 MEXICO...2013

Posted by rubisita at 10:00pm, 07 Dec 2012

Magico, Maravillos, Hermoso, simplemente no hay palabras con que describir. Espero que esto si lo haga: Sentimiento extraño, lejano, respiracion profunda, Corazon, escencia, aire entrando por mis venas, lejano y cercano a la vez, luces de Neon, no me alejen de este sueño, vida dame el tiempo, el tiempo inesperado para vivirla...

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 9:28pm, 07 Dec 2012

Great idea of posting all the photos, they are indeed magnificent, capturing in such a perfect way the amazing lighting of these shows...and the whole enormous magic and shine of Keane ..tk you so much,and congratulations to Mr. Rob Sinclair! ***

Posted by hlimpo at 9:25pm, 07 Dec 2012

Amazing..... Amazing....Amazing... Amazing..... KEANE PLEASE COME TO COLOMBIA !!!!!!!!

Posted by paliz at 8:49pm, 07 Dec 2012

Awesome pics, Rob! A big hug from Colombia!

Posted by Alejita at 8:35pm, 07 Dec 2012

Well done Rob.I was at Manchester arena and all I can say is wow....absolutely love Keane and so hoping your back here in 2013.....love you guys xx

Posted by EM1977 at 8:19pm, 07 Dec 2012

I have to say that the lighting for all the Keane concerts I have been to have been brilliant...and i thought nothing could top the visuals and lighting for the previous tours but all I can say is....wow! The disco balls, the strobe lighting, the spotlights on the crowds....I'm still reeling from a fantastic night at the O2 in London...it really did make my night... you FELT as if you were watching something very special and that you were part of it all...but thats how a Keane concert makes you feel....cant wait till the next time xxx

Posted by Doppelganger at 7:47pm, 07 Dec 2012

AMAZING PICTURES ! Thanks Rob! Thanks Mr. KM! Lots of love - The Frog Prince Squad

Posted by SuKEANE at 7:16pm, 07 Dec 2012


Posted by SuKEANE at 7:15pm, 07 Dec 2012

Congratulations Mr. Sinclair, you're still a true lighting guru. The stage was incredible and the pics are perfect. You have many talents. Thank you!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 6:57pm, 07 Dec 2012

Why has that beautiful Tom pic dissapeared? Still love all the other ones!

Posted by keaneforever at 6:15pm, 07 Dec 2012

Wonderful photos. (Elles sont toutes magnifiques)

Posted by Hakim at 4:14pm, 07 Dec 2012

WOW I have to say that your light show is amazing. I kept on saying that its really is brilliant I've never noticed anyone's lighting like that before. Rob is a genius and thanks to Keane again what a show.

Posted by AnnetteM at 3:39pm, 07 Dec 2012

that's amazing! thank you LD

Posted by poshing at 3:17pm, 07 Dec 2012

the lighting was great !! Awesome photo !!!

Posted by tracyyip at 3:08pm, 07 Dec 2012

Thanks Rob for superb pics. Keane look great as usual, best band ever, xxx

Posted by Kathleen at 2:24pm, 07 Dec 2012

These pics a are spectacular!!! Congrats! :-) Oh, Keane... I just look forward to seeing you're coming to Colombia. We're waiting for you!! Please, please, please! :-)

Posted by Honey at 2:24pm, 07 Dec 2012

Wonderful pictures. The lighting effects at the shows were truly amazing - probably the best I've ever seen. Well done to all concerned. When can we see Richard's pictures from the O2??

Posted by Cojoe at 2:20pm, 07 Dec 2012

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE these pics!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!!! really AWESOME!!!! Love from Taiwan-Chi

Posted by rainborn8228 at 2:19pm, 07 Dec 2012

you go Rob Sinclair, you go!

Posted by ValeN at 2:15pm, 07 Dec 2012

spectacular. will keep the dream of seeing you live alive. thank you for the superlative music!

Posted by kimyen at 2:08pm, 07 Dec 2012

awesome photos, rob! i want the ticket prices for the argentinian date :) xx

Posted by pskeane at 2:03pm, 07 Dec 2012

Great photos! They are beautiful *_* Kisses from Brazil

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 1:59pm, 07 Dec 2012

awesome pics! Argentina waits for youuuu =D ♥

Posted by co68 at 1:58pm, 07 Dec 2012

Tantissimi complimenti a Rob Sinclair: ha fatto veramente un ottimo lavoro, quello spettacolo di luci che cambiano colore è meraviglioso, è davvero bravo, rende l'atmosfera ancora più magica e carica di energia!!! Queste foto sono incredibilmente belle!!! Sabrina da Catania!!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 1:58pm, 07 Dec 2012

nice pictures , thanks Rob!! :-) I love keane, can't wait to see you in Peru

Posted by M_Is@bel at 1:57pm, 07 Dec 2012

beautiful!! I m waiting for you.....to Argentina ♥

Posted by keane_reg at 1:14pm, 07 Dec 2012

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