Q&A: Richard's European update

18 Oct 2012
Q&A: Richard's European update

Big thanks to Dutch fan site Keane Nederland who supplied these excellent questions - click for their pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Q. How does Tom prepare his voice, so he can preform the whole evening, the whole tour?
A. He normally warms up for a little while, though once he has sung in soundcheck his voice tends to be pretty warm, and not need too much. We definitely try to minimise singing when doing three shows in a row - he probably won't sing much in the Paris soundcheck, for example.

Q. Keane recently performed an amazing cover of The River, but IF Bruce Springsteen planned to do a Keane cover, wich one you guys want that to be?
A. Wow, good question - I guess Strangeland has our most Springsteeny-vibe songs on it, so maybe Sovereign Light Café… I think that would sound good!

Q. You played a lot at Indoor and outdoor venues, but wich do you prefer, and why?
A. Big festivals are a lot of fun, especially as it is getting dark, so if I could only play one more show that's what I'd like, but I don't really mind!

Q. A few years ago there was such thing called "the mini doc" during the tour, is that brilliant concept ever coming back?
A. Ha, that was Tom, right? Depends if he feels inspired to take his video camera out again (so probably not!)

Q. When talked about brilliant concepts, what about the return of "what do you think of" interviews? they where amazingly funny.
A. See above!

Q. Did you ever consider performing with a Symphonic Orchestra?
A. We'd love to. Another on the long list of things we would like to do. I really enjoyed things like the iTunes session from a couple of years back - with a small string section.

Q. When Dutch people travel to a foreign country they take peanutbutter, potatoes and coffee with them. Is there anything you have to take with you on tour?
A. Coffee, obviously (beans, grinder and aeropress or V60 filter)

Q. Don't you get tired of performing almost every day? And what do you guys do to stay healthy?
A. Tom and Jesse have just gone to the gym as I write this. We all work out (I only do on days off because the gig is a workout for me). We try to eat well (no chocolate on the tourbus!) and we are lucky to have Popcorn Catering (company) with us on this tour, and they make us (and our crew) lovely healthy food every day.

Q. Who makes the setlists and what's the motivation behind some of the songs?
A. Tom likes to do them at the moment, and he is looking at the way the songs flow, and the way they go from one key to another - sometimes he finds a combination of songs make tuning difficult, so he keeps an eye on that. Then it just depends on how long we have, and what the venue sounds like - a song like Black Rain won't sound good in a big cavernous shed, but might sound amazing in a theatre.

Q. Nowadays the music industry is more a single-based thing instead of making great albums. What do you think of that?
A. We still see a lot of albums out there, but realise the world has changed - we always try to make a record of great songs from start to finish, but I can see that it punishes people who used to make a record of one or two singles and a load of filler...

Q. Are you interested in new bands/musicians and do you help them finding there way in the music industry?
A. Of course - the best thing we can do is invite good bands out to tour with us, which is what we have always done.

Q. Are there already plans for Album #5?
A. No - we are still touring album 4!

Q. Which countries, you haven't been, would you like to visit?
A. I'd like to go back to China, and play more places there, plus New Zealand, and some of the countries we have missed in South America, like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela… I also think we should go to Hawaii, and I'd love to play in Alaska!

Q. Does having children and getting married affect the songwriting and the subjects you write about?
A. Life certainly does contribute to what Tim writes about, so I'd say yes.

Q. We know Tom is a brilliant songwriter from the song Closer Now and Jesse from his time with the Mets and Mt. Desolation. But why are all the Keane songs written by Tim?
A. Tom has never sent a song round that he wants us to do, but who knows what might happen in the future.

Q. Which venue you have played is your favourite and why?
That's an almost impossible question, but lots of the early shows hold very fond memories - the first Glastonbury, for example.

Again, many thanks for the opportunity!
No probs. Thanks for a great set of questions.

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Bolivia, June, July 2013. Would be GREAT!!!

Posted by -eve- at 7:13pm, 23 Oct 2012


Posted by angieherreram at 9:59pm, 20 Oct 2012

haha good questions! but I miss the mini doc is super. mmm I be strange to see that Richard said countries are those that have But Colombia! since 2009 have not been Please strangeland tour Colombia 2013 keane love thanks

Posted by kmila lopz at 4:27pm, 20 Oct 2012

This is great. Good questions and nice answers!!

Posted by jado72 at 8:43am, 20 Oct 2012

A lot of artists nowadays are just doing a "Fillers album". Salute to Keane, their albums are pure music with loads of substance. Thank you for that. That's just we need....

Posted by sam1 at 1:05am, 20 Oct 2012

A lot of artists nowadays are just doing a "Fillers album". Dalue to Keane, their albums are pure music with loads of substance. Thank you for that. That's just we need....

Posted by sam1 at 1:04am, 20 Oct 2012

i say you thank for you and you wish all the happiness that you hope***lot of love ****kisses to all

Posted by choupette94 at 9:13pm, 19 Oct 2012

Great interview!! I love you Rich!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 7:46pm, 19 Oct 2012

NO LO PUEDO CREERLO!!! RICHARD SAID THAT WOULD LIKE TO COME TO ECUADOR WAAAAAA A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME TO ECUADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =''D

Posted by Fannylou at 7:12pm, 19 Oct 2012

Aww, Rich, you sound really happy and loving your touring. It's good to be healthy. I have quite a few records which were 'one or two good singles and a load of filler'- the Oasis albums after Morning Glory for a start, and the last Razorlight album. I'm also going to stick my neck out and put Abbey Road in this category as well.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 6:16pm, 19 Oct 2012

back to China is a good idea. Please come for tour ~~~

Posted by tracyyip at 3:06pm, 19 Oct 2012

@Frederique: you're hilarious! ;D on the contrary, chocolate does give me energy however, i do workout as much as I can! :)

Posted by anouk23 at 2:25pm, 19 Oct 2012

What a coincidence! After the Paris' gig I was thinking : What is their secret? Three gigs in a row and still so much energy on stage! I have the answer : no chocolate and working out. Now I know how to train before the next concert; because I can tell you that after jumping, singing, and clapping hands during the entire gig, I was exausted !!!!. Thanks for the questions/ the answers and the tips! Frédérique

Posted by Drfd at 2:14pm, 19 Oct 2012

Thank you, KEANE Nederland as most of my questions have been answered by the ever sweet and articulate Richard!!! Take all the rest you needed, luvs!!! Have fun in Spain! *hugs & kisses* from Belgium

Posted by anouk23 at 2:06pm, 19 Oct 2012

Very interesting interview, Rich is always have something great to say. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 12:56pm, 19 Oct 2012

We are still waiting for 'Jesse Answers 50 Fan Questions' will it ever come?

Posted by KKOPPI at 12:26pm, 19 Oct 2012

WOOOOOH! thanks for answering my question!! the gig in A'dam was awesome! :-) HOLLAND LOVES YOU GUYS! Kissesss!

Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 12:17pm, 19 Oct 2012

Ciao Richard, davvero simpatiche ed interessanti le tue risposte, mi ha colpita tanto quella dove dici che vi piacerebbe esibirvi accompagnati da un'orchestra sinfonica e che ti è piaciuta la sessione di iTunes con gli archi, è vero , danno un tocco ancora più intimo e magico ai vostri concerti! Sarebbe molto emozionante vedervi esibire con l'orchestra!Un grande saluto da Sabrina from Catania!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:32am, 19 Oct 2012

NO NO NO! Why does no one ever want to come to Mongolia! It's one of those forgotten countries...

Posted by Laurelizabeth at 6:31am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by Melisa at 4:31am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by Melisa at 4:28am, 19 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo **** Great and inspired questions and great and inspired answears, thank you, guys! Lots of love! XXXXXXXX

Posted by Isa at 3:34am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by angelicattrj at 2:08am, 19 Oct 2012

Very well the questions!! South America? Argentina PLEASE!!! :D ;)

Posted by ClauTornier at 1:02am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by paliz at 1:01am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by paliz at 12:36am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by paliz at 12:25am, 19 Oct 2012

I almost forgot the most important : un grand grand merci for UNDER PRESSURE...It was great !!!!

Posted by athallie at 10:28pm, 18 Oct 2012

Ok, now I know the responsable of my desappointment yesterday night...You are not a good boy Tom ! You shoud have chosen ATLANTIC for the setlist !!! But the band played really well as usually, even if you 4 looked tired. And Richard, what a pleasure to see you after the show. You are really nice with your fans. I hope you had rest today. A bientôt

Posted by athallie at 10:18pm, 18 Oct 2012


Posted by krito at 10:15pm, 18 Oct 2012

AHHHH, Richard you´ve just made my day with that answer, We bolivian Fans are hoping and it would be a dream come true to see you guys play , although many Bolivian Fans went to Paraguay just to see you a lot of us are still dreaming . PLEASE COME TO BOLIVIAAA !!!! kisses and hugs from Alejandra

Posted by Anitalita at 10:08pm, 18 Oct 2012

Saludos desde ECUADOR!!! GRACIAS por su increible música!!!

Posted by zamnes at 9:48pm, 18 Oct 2012

Has dicho ECUADOR??? Creo que voy a desmayarme. Sería increible!!!!! Un sueño hecho realidad!!!

Posted by zamnes at 9:45pm, 18 Oct 2012

Even before this question came up, I could imagine Bruce Springsteen singing the song Strangeland.

Posted by theresa_b at 9:35pm, 18 Oct 2012

Thank you for these questions and answers! I liked the family-related question. The best lyrics come from experience and feelings, and Keane demonstrates that without a doubt. That's why most of us can see YOU and ourselves in every track! Thank you, guys! You rock! Cheers from Colombia! ;-)

Posted by Honey at 9:35pm, 18 Oct 2012

European tours or north american tours are averrated, latin america should be next! ahhahha

Posted by chacofelipe at 9:34pm, 18 Oct 2012

Great questions and answers!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best KEANE, and please come to Costa Rica!!!

Posted by chacofelipe at 9:32pm, 18 Oct 2012

great questions and great answers! Tell tim to take the video camera this time, we love those crazy docs! Hope to see you soon in buenos aires!

Posted by pskeane at 9:16pm, 18 Oct 2012

Great questions and answers, Richard. Hope you guys are having fun!

Posted by Pet dragon at 9:03pm, 18 Oct 2012

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