It's Not True from the Upstairs at United 12-inch

15 Oct 2012

Here's the video of It's Not True from Keane's Upstairs at United session, which is available exclusively on 12-inch vinyl now. You can order it from here. (The original version of this song features on the Deluxe Edition of Strangeland.)

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beautiful and lovely.... :)

Posted by soun_keane at 12:07am, 06 Nov 2012

It's a really really really beautiful song. BTW, as a scientist, "every ATOM of my heart..." touches me deeply :)

Posted by LifeParadox at 11:12pm, 02 Nov 2012

...And every atom of my heart is missing you... I subscribe it, completely. Come back soon to Barcelona, please! :)

Posted by Just_Elisabeth at 11:42pm, 28 Oct 2012

I wonder why they didn’t include this fantastic song in the final selection, it’s brilliant! I really love it, so little and sweet! This version reminds me to The way you want it, one of my favourites. All the lyrics are superb, as usual. It's perfect just the way it is, in my humble opinion. Congratulations!

Posted by Just_Elisabeth at 11:40pm, 28 Oct 2012

It sounds so much better. This is the best bonus song on the album and if you close your eyes whilst listening it sounds like a strange ghost melody.....SHIVERS:) So very badly want to see them LIVE........

Posted by BenBen at 11:51am, 24 Oct 2012

what a beautiful song i love it so amazing you guys are the best !!!

Posted by rose chaplin at 11:12pm, 17 Oct 2012

SALUT LES AMIIS°° CETTE VERSION EST TRES AGREABLE ***TOMY ta façon d'interpreter cette chanson est peu etre un peu plus mélancolique que celle enregistré sur l"album !!!!! J AIME BEAUCOUP ** VOUS ETES VRAIMENT LES MEILLEURS ***JE VOUS ADORE ** GROS BISOUS A TOUS

Posted by choupette94 at 4:57am, 17 Oct 2012

beautiful! I love you guys,I enjoy so much your music!! :D Greetings from Chile

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 12:52am, 17 Oct 2012

Espero que me perdones Tim por mi comentario. Es una canción que necesita xylophone y falta Richard con un ritmo en forma de eco y seco. Tipo jazz-soul. Quizá el principio las primeras notas con un órgano quedaría perfecto. Pero ya sabes que estoy estudiando piano y mis nociones son muy y muy básicas. Le hubiera dado un poquito de rapidez. Para mi gusto la del CD Deluxe es genial. Besos. Marisa. Barcelona. Una admiradora de Sir. Timothy Rice.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:09pm, 16 Oct 2012

Trust me, if i'm going to have another baby...he/she won't be hearing any nursery rhyme from me (okey, prolly one or two) but mostly it will be KEANE songs! definitely! I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. Thank you so much, Timothy James for these songs!!!! =)

Posted by anouk23 at 1:13pm, 16 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo. (Where is Rich?)Thank you, gracias, merci beaucoup, obrigada! Lots of love to my favourite band! XXXXXX

Posted by Isa at 11:50am, 16 Oct 2012

you are upsetting, you have the voice of an angel

Posted by déborah at 11:47am, 16 Oct 2012

Carissimi Keane, sono rimasta piacevolmente colpita da questa song, sono entusiasta, mi è piaciuta moltissimo: ha un sound dolcissimo, è molto soft e anche romantica! Complimenti ragazzi, come sempre riuscite a sorprendermi tanto! Un saluto dalla vostra fan Sabrina di Catania, S I C I L I A!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:39am, 16 Oct 2012

i want this version ~~

Posted by tracyyip at 4:05am, 16 Oct 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 1:05am, 16 Oct 2012

And I would add that I live in a strategic place for you : near Paris

Posted by athallie at 11:35pm, 15 Oct 2012

By the way...dear Mr KM : please would you want to ask to Mr Colin or Tim or the person who manages the Setlist for wednesday if it would be possible to listen ATLANTIC for the show ??? If it's ok, I'm ok to put Strangeland in shelf end each time I see it on a music shop... ;)

Posted by athallie at 11:32pm, 15 Oct 2012

ok ok ok...merci

Posted by athallie at 11:17pm, 15 Oct 2012

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