Perfect Symmetry's 4th birthday today

13 Oct 2012

As quite a few of you have been in touch via Keane's Facebook and Twitter pages to tell us, today is the fourth birthday of the release of Keane's third album, Perfect Symmetry. Which seemed a good reason to post the video for the album's title track (which is still one of the band's favourite Keane songs).

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When I could see them... sorry for the mistake.

Posted by atta67 at 2:59pm, 09 Nov 2012

That is a really good album, and that tour was the first when I could saw them on stage. Great show.

Posted by atta67 at 2:58pm, 09 Nov 2012

NOT BAD! XD joke, the video is very good, congratulations! :D

Posted by soun_keane at 11:51pm, 05 Nov 2012

Do you mean Perfect Symmetry the album? Or do you mean the song? Though I love Perfect Symmetry, both of them. Any way Happy Birthday to PS! A great album need a special edition, I suppose I new edition and you guys really deserve that. A week too late Happy Birthday one more time for PS!

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 11:04pm, 20 Oct 2012

Congratulations! I love Perfect Symmetry!

Posted by yel-yel at 6:38am, 19 Oct 2012


Posted by angelicattrj at 2:18am, 19 Oct 2012

Love that album especially - Perfect symmetry, Burning black heart and spiraling oh yeah and the lovers are losing and pretend that your alone and actually I like the whole of that album!

Posted by Annette M at 9:39pm, 17 Oct 2012

Love this album, Again & Again is my favorite. Helped to pass for difficult phase.

Posted by s1_mone at 7:56pm, 16 Oct 2012

4 years ?! Already !!! ça ne nous rajeunit pas. Que de souvenirs... If PS is still one of the band's favourite Keane songs it falls well, They could play it on wednesday...!!!

Posted by athallie at 11:46pm, 15 Oct 2012

Estaba conectada buscando información de Keane y en el youtube si escribis Song without words by Time Rice aparece Tim tocando una canción que no sale en ningún CD con una melodia preciosa. No tiene letra. Quizá algún dia nos explica que se han hecho de estas notas. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:44pm, 15 Oct 2012

FOUR years of happiness thank you to you all for it's super songs i like many BLACK BURNING HEART ** TOMY I ADORE your accent when you interpreted in FRENCH **** HAPPY BIRHTDAY PERFECT SYMMETRY*** LOT OF LOVE ***BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 8:07pm, 15 Oct 2012

Hi guys, perfect track, perfect video, perfect Tom, Happy anniversary... Perfect Keane!

Posted by natalia1234 at 4:54pm, 15 Oct 2012

AGAIN AND AGAIN is a fantastic track!! would love to hear this live! love Perfect Symmetry, happy birthday and I'll keep on playing it, keep the music coming!

Posted by kgrist at 1:30pm, 15 Oct 2012

Tantissimi auguri di buon anniversario del vostro terzo album cari Keane! Anch'io amo molto questa canzone e sono felice che abbiate riproposto il relativo video, che bello, è stato emozionante per me risentire questa song! Un salutone da Sabrina from Sicily e ancora auguroni !!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:15am, 15 Oct 2012

The album with my favorite song - Black Burning Heart. Also, The Lovers Are Losing is the first Keane song I ever heard and I would not give up until I found out who was singing it. Thank goodness I did.

Posted by MelanieD at 4:40am, 15 Oct 2012

Happy Anniversary!!! One of the greatest records of all time... Keep making gorgeous songs like the Strangeland ones!! Greetings from Argentina

Posted by crystal-alby at 1:31am, 15 Oct 2012

i know that is late, but congratulations! One of your best albums, but in my opinion, all are awesome! Happy aniversary Perfect Symmetry :D

Posted by loreiin at 11:50pm, 14 Oct 2012

Perfect Symmetry means a lot to me. The Frog Prince Squad did a "Keane Fan Meeting" (that we call "Keanencontro") to celebrate it here in Sao Paulo. Hope to see you guys very soon in our country!! All my best.

Posted by Beth at 11:26pm, 14 Oct 2012

I'm late but Woo! Happy Birthday!

Posted by Drfd at 8:57pm, 14 Oct 2012

Felicidades 13 october 2008. Recorded Berlin Teldex Studio, París Grande Armée and UK Olympic Studios. Employing guitars, saxophone, synthesizers and Jesse miembro soporte. There is a big distance between this dream of that we want to be as people and the reality of waht we actually are. "Love is The End", "Pretend that you're alone", "Black Burning heart". Un CD menos valorado pero con un sonido experimental i para mi buenísimo. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa. Compuesto basicament por Tim-Rice.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:44pm, 14 Oct 2012

Happy birthday, PS! This is probably my favorite Keane album. And what made special this anniversary is that I went to the record store, and they had the DVD version of the album (pretty rare to see over here!).

Posted by LP at 4:57pm, 14 Oct 2012

Happy B-day!! This is amazing album!! With this album you visited my country: Colombia. So 'Perfect Symmetry' is very special to me.

Posted by Alejita at 3:44pm, 14 Oct 2012

What a wonderful album to have its birthday celebrated! The entire thing is nothing but beauty and genius! Love you guys so much!

Posted by Awesometastic61 at 2:19pm, 14 Oct 2012

Happy birthday PS! I loved this album at the time and still do- it will always be 'the fun album' for me. I also loved all the daring sartorial experiements with yellow, patterned and *gasp* pink, T shirts after all those years in black, navy and more black. I know they're all embarrassed by it now and think that they looked like idiots, but I rather liked a bit of bright colour. Did anyone notice, how, when Strangeland came out, all the critics were like: 'They should've made another album like Perfect Symmetry, it was so different and creative' yet I don't remember anyone raving about PS when it came out, and everyone said they should stuck to what they knew!!

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 1:40pm, 14 Oct 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Perfect Symmetry!! I absolutely love this album, I think it is brilliant. A true masterpiece!

Posted by Miklyssary at 12:38pm, 14 Oct 2012

A lot of fans left the band after Perfect Symmetry, but I'm not. I think in this album You, guys, wanted to show us that you are stay in life, everything is good and now You live with expirience but not with feelings only. IMHO. I love You, Keane.

Posted by Mr_Chelsea at 11:10am, 14 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I keep listening to it, it´s a great album, indeed! Lots of love and congratulations, dear band! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 11:04am, 14 Oct 2012

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to PERFECT SYMMETRY and a BIG THANKS to its inventors! Keane, you are the best band this planet has ever seen! Keep up the good work, guys! Lots of love from a huge Keane fan from Germany! :)

Posted by Dorothee at 10:50am, 14 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday!!/Selamat Ulang Tahun!!/Feliz Cumpleaños!!

Posted by DAHVALMA at 9:21am, 14 Oct 2012

my favorite song, they know where i live i can not get this album yet

Posted by chaplan at 8:51am, 14 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday, Perfect Symmetry!!! As with anything in life, CHANGE is inevitable. A lot may have disliked Perfect Symmetry but it's a very nice album. It's about change and taking risks and KEANE just nailed it without losing THAT KEANE touch that makes them unique from any other band in this world! This is a very poetic album, i must say.

Posted by anouk23 at 7:44am, 14 Oct 2012

I'm so glad that my first Keane concert is perfect symmetry tour. :) Love from Taiwan-Chi

Posted by rainborn8228 at 7:31am, 14 Oct 2012

4 years went fast! I remember being so excited for it to come out, now it reminds me a lot of my first high school year and screaming oooohh while driving with my friends love you guys!!

Posted by carlaricque at 7:30am, 14 Oct 2012

Happy 4th birthday Perfect Symmetry. A wonderful album!! I love it! I love Spiralling, Perfect Symmetry, Again and Again, You Haven't Told Me Anything and Black Burning Heart! :D

Posted by Daniel (Peru) at 4:35am, 14 Oct 2012

Love Black Burning Heart too. The lyrics is so KEANE. Just love it.

Posted by pvbb at 3:44am, 14 Oct 2012

Such and underrated and amazing album. It's my favourite and I love it so much! I hope you play more of its songs when you come back to Argentina. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PERFECT SYMMETRY!!

Posted by pskeane at 1:56am, 14 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday!!! Been listening to it all day!!

Posted by Hattie at 1:39am, 14 Oct 2012

CONGRATULATIONS! :) I absolutely love Perfect Symmetry. It's such a wonderful (and frequently underrated) piece of art. This song is one of my favourites as well - just like Black Burning Heart, Spiralling, Again and Again, The Lovers Are Losing... fine, all of them. We'd love it if you played more songs off this record live! Love you guys! Can't wait to see you next week in Lisbon & Porto.

Posted by p0rcelain at 12:51am, 14 Oct 2012

happy birthday PS !!! It's amazing :D

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 11:53pm, 13 Oct 2012

The single edit definitely catches me out a couple of times.. But to be serious, if the Holy Truth is indeed truth, choose it anyway.

Posted by mwfearnley at 11:38pm, 13 Oct 2012

Wow, I can't believe it's 4 years old. Happy Anniversary! Brilliant album - can't wait to hear some of it in Madrid on Friday - yay, so excited.

Posted by Cojoe at 11:23pm, 13 Oct 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 11:18pm, 13 Oct 2012


Posted by paliz at 11:01pm, 13 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Posted by paliz at 11:01pm, 13 Oct 2012

Wow! Happy bday to PS! An excelent album!

Posted by Simoninha (Brazil) at 10:51pm, 13 Oct 2012

PS is also one my favourite Keane songs...such a powerful and touching lyric ♥ the whole album is an incredible and overwhelming artistic artwork - Happy Anniversary ! ♥

Posted by hlimpo at 10:42pm, 13 Oct 2012

This album was long awaited and met all expectations. This song is my favorite, too. Congratulations guys!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 9:14pm, 13 Oct 2012

great album should make a new special edition

Posted by dada_lifee at 9:03pm, 13 Oct 2012

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