17-date US tour - on sale now

10 Oct 2012
17-date US tour - on sale now

UPDATE: All pre-sales begin today (10th October) at 10am local time for each city, from tickets.keanemusic.com.

Hello to all of you in Keane world…

We're very excited to announce that we'll be crossing the pond for another tour of the US in January! Not only are we going to be visiting some familiar haunts but there are some new places to add to the apparently never-ending list of American towns we haven't been to before…people of Boise and Burlington, we look forward to meeting you! For those of you who only saw half a show last time in Nashville before we set fire to the street, we're coming back to finish the job (the gig as opposed to burning down the town!).

Lots of love,

Tom and the others x

Our exclusive fans' pre-sale for all dates will begin at 10am at local time (for each city) on Wednesday, 10th October, from tickets.keanemusic.com. The general sale will then begin on Friday, 12th October (except Austin, which goes on sale on 19th October).

Support for the tour will come from Youngblood Hawke (UPDATE: now including Atlanta and Minneapolis).

Here's all the info (all tickets will be subject to a 10% booking fee; postage prices to follow):

8th January - Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
Tickets will be available as GA open floor ($30; $35 day of show). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: 1-855-CAS-TIXX.

9th January - Knitting Factory, Bosie ID
Tickets will be available as GA open floor ($32) and limited reserved tables ($65). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (208) 367-1212. SEAT MAP

11th January - Warfield, San Francisco CA
Tickets will be available as GA open floor ($39.50, $42 day of show), reserved loge ($39.50, $42 day of show) and balcony ($52.50). All ages. For tickets call: 1-888 929-7849. For disabled ticket info, call 1-888 929-7849. SEAT MAP

12th January - Pantages, Los Angeles CA
Tickets will be available as reserved seats ($39, $49.50 and $65). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: 1-800-745-3000. SEAT MAP

13th January - House Of Blues, San Diego CA
Tickets will be available as GA standing, small reserved loge and standing balcony ($36; $38 day of show and $46). Age restrictions: 21+. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (619) 525-1915. SEAT MAP

16th January - House Of Blues, Houston TX
Tickets will be available as GA standing and reserved balcony ($32; $35 day of show, $45 and $55. All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (832) 667-7736. SEAT MAP

17th January - ACL Live, Austin TX
Tickets will be available as GA standing, seated mezzanine and balcony, and standing GA in back balcony ($35). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (512) 225-7999. SEAT MAP

18th January - House Of Blues, Dallas TX
Tickets will be available as GA standing and reserved balcony ($32; $35 day of show, $45 and $55). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: 214-978-2583. SEAT MAP

20th January - Midland Theater, Kansas City MO
Tickets will be available as GA open floor (pre-sale $12.96, GA $25, day of show $28). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (816) 283-9912. SEAT MAP

21st January - First Avenue, Minneapolis MN
Tickets will be available as GA open floor and standing balcony ($34; $36 day of show). Age restrictions: 18+. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (612) 338-8388.

23rd January - Ryman, Nashville TN
Tickets will be available as reserved seating ($25, $30 and $40). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (615) 458-8782. SEAT MAP

24th January - Tabernacle, Atlanta GA
Tickets will be available as GA standing floor and GA seated balcony ($29.50). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: 404-659-9022. SEAT MAP

26th January - Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
Tickets will be available as GA open floor and standing balcony ($26.50; $28 day of show). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call (614) 461-5483.

27th January - Royal Oak, Detroit MI
Tickets will be available as GA open floor ($37.35; $42.85 day of sale) and reserved balcony ($70). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (248) 399-2980 x3.

29th January - Flynn Theater, Burlington VT
Tickets will be available as reserved seated theatre ($39.50 and $49.50). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (802) 863-5966. SEAT MAP

30th January - State Theater, Portland ME
Tickets will be available as GA open floor and standing balcony ($30; $35 day of sale). All ages. For tickets call: 1-800 745-3000. For disabled ticket info, call (207) 775-3458. SEAT MAP

31st January Radio City Music Hall, New York NY
Tickets will be available as reserved seated theatre ($39.50, $49.50, $59.50, $69.50 and $79.50). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: (212) 465-6034. SEAT MAP

Comments (101)

Please come to BRAZIL!!!!! The opening show of marron five was so little! We need moreeeeee :):):):):):):):)

Posted by Criszamp at 1:09pm, 25 Nov 2012

Hey Guys! Are you coming to Latin America any time soon? We miss you over here in Argentina! Love you all, hope to see you very soon! xoxo

Posted by baritens at 3:27pm, 16 Nov 2012


Posted by Birdbreth at 1:56pm, 10 Nov 2012

We've been so lucky to see you three times (Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, Merriweather In Maryland, and at the Strathmore in Maryland). We would love to see you a fourth time in the Washington, DC area again!!!!!!!

Posted by Strathmore at 11:30pm, 09 Nov 2012


Posted by leosj29 at 2:02pm, 08 Nov 2012

Woohoo! It's amazing news! Woo, New York and so many other places you'll be at to perform. I only wish you good luck guys and I wish to see you next year. Please, come to Sweden and please play somewhere I can enter, please? I know you'll be here in November, just a week or more and sadly I will not see you... I suppose. But I hope you'll be in Sweden soon. Until then I'll always tell you I love you guys! I love U! Good luck! Have a nice US tour.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 11:13pm, 20 Oct 2012

Maybe i can go to New York date. Guys, i was wondering, if you can do another tour in Mexico? haha just asking :D xx

Posted by loreiin at 12:11am, 15 Oct 2012

Woo-hoo! Keane's coming back to Minnesota!!!!!!! Too bad First Ave. is GA. It will probably be super cold that day. Waiting outside the venue for hours to get a good spot might be out of the question this time! :)

Posted by Britstar at 6:12pm, 12 Oct 2012

Oh my gosh, guys. A long time ago I asked you to come to Vermont and you'll be in Burlington in January! Thank you, thank you for taking the time or us here. I will be there. Thank you Tom, Richard, Tim, Jesse.

Posted by angelwz73 at 2:10pm, 12 Oct 2012

That would be really cool if they added a 2nd Los Angeles Show....! =)

Posted by KeaneFan1 at 9:46pm, 11 Oct 2012

DCRICKS... Yeah I too had that same problem!!!!!! It wasn't even 10AM when I was on and when 10:00AM Hit ... It said SOLD OUT... so yeah I have to get the tickets through LiveNation/Ticketmaster... too! =x So sad... but true. ARGH! It IS showing it's on sale already but you have to fill out a passcode or something! (on LiveNation).

Posted by KeaneFan1 at 9:41pm, 11 Oct 2012

Sorry if this is a re post. I was hitting the refresh on my computer at 10 am on the dot for the LA show at the Pantages Theater. Kept hitting refresh and finally the buy link worked. BUT WAIT? All the tickets are sold before 10:01 am. How is that? I'm a little confused? This way of buying tickets was very confusing and buggy. So now I have to get up early again to try and get crap tickets from ticket master. Did anyone else have this problem? Thanks a very sad Keane fan, Danny

Posted by DCricks at 8:07pm, 11 Oct 2012

I am soooooo thrilled you are coming back to the states!! But could you PLEASE consider adding a date in Wisconsin?? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!! I don't think I can make Minneapolis! :( Much love from Chris in Wisconsin!

Posted by Miklyssary at 1:57pm, 11 Oct 2012

Never mind about the seated vs standing in Kansas City, I guess the Midland can do either seated or standing events...

Posted by Kari_Keane11 at 9:56pm, 10 Oct 2012

A little confused about Kansas City...when you buy the presale tickets it says GA standing, but the description on km.com says GA open floor - which, since the Midland has seats, means that it would be GA seated instead of standing, right? Or will the presale tickets not get you on the main floor? Maybe I'm just overthinking it....

Posted by Kari_Keane11 at 9:51pm, 10 Oct 2012

Vermont!!! I never thought I would get to see Tom and the others right in my own neighborhood. You sure picked a cold time to come, though. Already bought me and the kids are front-area tickets. See you in e few months and I hope you guys all come outside in the cold afterwards so we can meet with you. :)

Posted by karen222 at 9:48pm, 10 Oct 2012

Finally got my tickets for Dallas! I'm so excited to go see my favorite band.

Posted by Pet dragon at 7:15pm, 10 Oct 2012

Thank you Spring624. A BUY link finally popped up for SF (and 2 others for other Cities), but only for General Admission. It's doesn't make sense that these tix would sell out before a reserved seat so there is essentially no way to get a reserved seat on a pre-sale; i'm pretty much at the mercy of timing when ticket sales go open to the public. My young son REALLY wants to see keane this time and I cannot have him standing in the open Pit! sigh, frustrating as similarly voiced by others. Calling the concert venues is not very helpful either.

Posted by speculoos at 6:56pm, 10 Oct 2012

Frustrating, tiring and... unfair. But finally...I've got my tickets. Keep refreshing...

Posted by -eve- at 6:48pm, 10 Oct 2012

@speculoos- Not this time. I only purchased a ticket for the Pantages in LA.

Posted by spring624 at 6:47pm, 10 Oct 2012

May I ask Spring624 if you are purchasing tickets for the SF concert? And if so, what link are you using to do so? Thank you. Speculoos

Posted by speculoos at 6:34pm, 10 Oct 2012

Ok, all better now. Yes, it was like the Orpheum. I stuck with it and kept refreshing and it finally allowed me to purchase. I do agree with the other comment though regarding the price. I thought there would be more than 1 option? Not going to stop me from making a purchase, but they really should do a better job of setting expectations. Other than that, KEANE in JANUARY!!! Great way to start off the year!

Posted by spring624 at 6:19pm, 10 Oct 2012

Plus how do you buy a ticket Online for a reserved seat when there's only one option to buy? I'm frustrated, there is not enough information and I agree I noticed LA sold out seemingly even before the pre-sale started. If there is an inside track to figuring this out, i sure am out of the loop. it should be a much fairer process to get a ticket . We are just loyal fans for goodness sake. Go Keane anyway. I hope the Band reads these comments so they can make an impact on the availability of ticket sales. sad in Berkeley, Calif.

Posted by speculoos at 6:11pm, 10 Oct 2012

LA sold out in 1 minute? Hoping this is the same thing as the Orpheum presale...just keep refreshing and 15-30 mins after 10 a.m. some tickets become available.

Posted by mel10962 at 6:09pm, 10 Oct 2012

LA disappoints again. I click the link at 10 am and all pre-sales are gone. How is this possible or fair? Why bother with a pre-sales event if you are going to not have any tickets available? I have seen Keane in multiple cities and states and I swear the only place that consistently gives me grief is LA.

Posted by spring624 at 6:07pm, 10 Oct 2012

What the he$#%? I was on right on-time and they're already sold out in L.A.? That's ridiculous! Can't we get more tickets for us die-hard fans?

Posted by nieldgreg at 6:05pm, 10 Oct 2012

Help! There is no BUY link for the San Francisco, CA Warfield concert? I'm sure we need access through your site for pre-sale tickets?? I can only hope for a response here somehow. Thanks for any help out there.

Posted by speculoos at 5:55pm, 10 Oct 2012

Got my tickets for NYC!! I agree, this pre-sale went a lot smoother than previous ones! Hope this was the case for everyone. I was a nervous wreck! So excited!!!

Posted by blinky234 at 5:33pm, 10 Oct 2012

On my way back to First Ave to see KEANE on 21 January! Looks like Christmastime just got extended by a month!

Posted by jcvanek at 5:05pm, 10 Oct 2012

So excited! Got my tickets!! Once again I get to see you in New York. Love it :)

Posted by anajael at 4:29pm, 10 Oct 2012

In January I will be in Europe. I wanna die

Posted by sim163 at 3:42pm, 10 Oct 2012

Royal Oak tickets purchased! Might have to borrow Santa's sleigh to get there from the other side of Michigan, but I'll get there! See you boys then!!!!!....Sherry W., Michigan, USA. @sambawoman

Posted by Sherry W. at 3:28pm, 10 Oct 2012

Got my tickets!! This was actually the FIRST time that buying tix for a Keane show was very easy (NYC); thank you! See you sooooooooooooon!!

Posted by Maayani at 3:27pm, 10 Oct 2012

Atlanta link working now! Got my tickets. See you in January!!

Posted by gfissenden at 3:18pm, 10 Oct 2012


Posted by Disneydana at 3:14pm, 10 Oct 2012


Posted by Disneydana at 3:05pm, 10 Oct 2012

First Avenue in January? Bring your earmuffs! Can't wait to see you again (in Columbus)!!!

Posted by ohiofan at 2:46pm, 10 Oct 2012

I'm so happy to hear this news, the smaller venues are the best: personal and up-close. Very excited to see you in SF!

Posted by speculoos at 6:47am, 10 Oct 2012

ADD SEATTLE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!.... you guys played Bumbershoot, but the setlist was cut short... :(

Posted by jlfpgrillo at 5:56am, 10 Oct 2012

I'm so excited!!! (Where is the NYC date on the pre-sale page? It seems to be missing.)

Posted by AndreaB at 5:09am, 10 Oct 2012

BOISE!!!!!!!! Finally I won't have to fly or take a long car trip to see Keane! And it is all ages!! Shut up!!! Bringing my 3 kids for their first concert ever. What a treat to see Keane twice in the same year. I can't believe this good fortune!! HOORAY!!!!!!

Posted by sandiegofan at 4:28am, 10 Oct 2012

What !! You just came over the summer !! It's awesome, I have some good things to look forward to over the winter break. Love love love

Posted by zjnbcorolla at 4:09am, 10 Oct 2012

He escuchado la sesión acústica de MSN de 17 de setiembre. La canción The Downtown Lights de The Blue Nile. Me ha gustado muchíssimo. Con el piano Bailwin que tocaba Tim que tiene un sonido potente. Este grupo tocaba musica electrònica. Tim escoge un piano vertical y suaviza la canción pero sigue siendo meláncolica. Tom i Tim cantando el estribillo es precioso. Un regalo azul. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:37pm, 09 Oct 2012

i seriously can not wait for this! i have a question though. on the link the show for the thursday 31st is not listed there so does not mean that those tickets are not going on pre sale tomorrow? i want to get the best seats possible this is why i ask. i can not wait to see keane again!!! it is a dream come true!!!! :)

Posted by keane22 at 9:02pm, 09 Oct 2012

I love that Boise is on the list! Yay!!! (But do you realize just exactly how cold Boise is in January??? Bundle up!)

Posted by joraquatrone at 8:04pm, 09 Oct 2012

The presale starts at 10 am in what time zone please?

Posted by Dionysia at 7:46pm, 09 Oct 2012

Can you please come to Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI or Chicago?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I wasn't able to catch you the last time you were here and I'd love to see you!!

Posted by rdakai at 7:35pm, 09 Oct 2012

where is the New York show on the PreSale Page?

Posted by mpkeane at 7:22pm, 09 Oct 2012

anyone know the code to purchase tickets?

Posted by anajael at 7:21pm, 09 Oct 2012

Fantastic!!! I've been a fan for years and never made it to a show - I'll have to drive a few hours to make it this time, but I'll be there in Kansas City! :)

Posted by Punkinhead at 7:10pm, 09 Oct 2012

Great news!!!...

Posted by -eve- at 7:06pm, 09 Oct 2012

YES! Thank you so much for finally coming to Portland! I am looking forward to it!

Posted by rellison93 at 7:02pm, 09 Oct 2012


Posted by krito at 4:39pm, 09 Oct 2012

Hurrah!! Detroit thanks you! It's been a while. :)

Posted by kerfuffle at 4:07pm, 09 Oct 2012

Tantissimi auguri cari Keane per il vostro nuovo tour negli Usa a Gennaio 2013! Un salutone da Sabrina dalla Sicilia, a presto!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:30pm, 09 Oct 2012

Yay! I can't wait to see you guys in one of the Texas dates. :)

Posted by Pet dragon at 2:26pm, 09 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Great news! :)

Posted by Isa at 11:37am, 09 Oct 2012

how amazing !!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN PERU

Posted by -RosMi at 7:37am, 09 Oct 2012

This is fantastic news!!!!! I never dreamt you'd be back again so soon!! I'm hoping to work out one of the dates, I can't WAIT to see you again!! Thank you, Keane!! Lots and lots of love from Wisconsin!!!

Posted by Miklyssary at 5:51am, 09 Oct 2012

YOU ARE KILLING ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!! lol see you in NYC and Texas!!!

Posted by annie nyc at 5:37am, 09 Oct 2012

Awwwwww you'll be at the Radio City Music Hall

Posted by pskeane at 4:02am, 09 Oct 2012

OH MY GOSH! i cant believe this is happening! i thought it would be at least another year before id get to see them again. How lucky for US fans! Thanks "Tom & others" we cant wait

Posted by nikcar at 3:25am, 09 Oct 2012

"Tom and the others" Jajajajajajajajajaja Come to Argentina PLE-A-SE!!!!

Posted by ClauTornier at 3:18am, 09 Oct 2012

Good news! Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 1:13am, 09 Oct 2012

But, if the world keeps on turning, you could go on with.........B-SIDES ! Yes :)))) like Something in Me Was Dying/Fly to Me/A heart to hold you/The Way you want It/ He Used to be a Lovely Boy/On A Day Like Today / Call me What You Like (without forgetting of course few superb songs) like Perfect Symmetry/Spiralling/Is It Any Wonder (Why not in accoustic ?)/Nothing In My Way/A Bad Dream/ Crystal Ball/The Frog Prince/Black Burning Heart/ and Bedshaped.....Oups...It's a lot ! But I know You can Do It...Don't tell me it's too much hé!, I have seen somewhere you played 26 songs the 2 october in Asia...Careful ! I will count the songs in Paris....;)))) See you soon and good rest d'ici là

Posted by athallie at 12:54am, 09 Oct 2012

So first It would be good to play some Strangeland's songs...logical ;) (Please just don't skip You are Young  /Silenced By the Night / Disconnected /The starting Line/ Strangeland /Black Rain and Sea Fog)...Then, more interesting, among these new good songs, OLD songs :..like the superb, the marvellous, the splendid, the unical....ATLANTIC ! Please please please ! It would be the most magical moment of my Keane's shows. Then, the all world could collaps...

Posted by athallie at 12:48am, 09 Oct 2012

Hello dear "Tom and the others" ;) It's wonderful for American fans. By the way...I was thinking of your next show in Paris...and I would have a serious request for you about it...I don't know who is the boss for the Set list, but I have a lot and a lot of ideas !!! :) I know you are in days off but maybe I could do suggestions...and maybe you could follow them...:)

Posted by athallie at 12:46am, 09 Oct 2012

What about South America???? .... and more specifically Argentina !!!! :-(

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:55pm, 08 Oct 2012

BOISE! That's a bit of a surprise. It is great that the tour is going to places that Keane has never been to before or places they have not visited for a while. TBH, I'm surprised the US is getting another tour before SA gets a proper tour, but I am not complaining.

Posted by Left Coast at 9:32pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by Awesometastic61 at 9:31pm, 08 Oct 2012

Marvelous news! I am so happy that you are coming back to the USA! I would rather see you in Lisbon on October 20th :((, but I’ll take one of the shows here in the East Coast***Vermont or Maine! This is as good as it gets! Thanks for coming back!

Posted by egoncalves at 9:25pm, 08 Oct 2012

YES!!! Can't wait to see you in LA. XOXO

Posted by lchavez76 at 9:07pm, 08 Oct 2012

South America Tour??? Please, come to Lima-Peru on 2013, we are many fans who really want to see them live!!

Posted by M_Is@bel at 9:00pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 8:37pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 8:36pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 8:35pm, 08 Oct 2012

SALUT LES AMIIS°° Refaire une tournée aux etats unis **** je trouve cela EXTRAORDINAIRE *** DONNER ENCORE DU BONHEUR à vos fans ; aprés cette immence tournée ..vous etes vraiment les MEILLEURS

Posted by choupette94 at 8:34pm, 08 Oct 2012

OMG!!!!! That means I will see Keane twice in the span of one year! Can't wait to see you guys in Royal Oak! Thank you!!

Posted by Hattie at 8:32pm, 08 Oct 2012

This is the greatest news of the year!! Thank you Tom. My birthday is in January, so I will be celebrating in Houston, Austin, Dallas and Detroit! I was at the gig in Nashville and gave ya'll some scarves. Glad to hear Richard took my advice and booked a gig in Texas in the winter instead of our hot summer. :) Can't wait!!!

Posted by deberino at 8:10pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by anouk23 at 7:25pm, 08 Oct 2012

What amazing news!! Really looking foward to seeing you guys again...I hope I'll be able to make at least one of these gigs (although more than one would be even better)!

Posted by Kari_Keane11 at 6:48pm, 08 Oct 2012

This has made my day! We in Michigan are thrilled! Can't wait!

Posted by Firefly at 6:30pm, 08 Oct 2012

Seriously? No Washington DC or North Carolina or something nearish Virginia...?

Posted by broadwaybaby at 6:24pm, 08 Oct 2012

Y ARGENTINA?? chicos, los estamos esperando! :)

Posted by nil at 5:59pm, 08 Oct 2012

I am happy for the Americans. It'd be greedy to wish Keane to come back to Manila because I just saw him this month. I just wish I can fly to US instead. :) Or dream of Tom singing for me. Or Tim singing. :)

Posted by DonNaDong at 5:48pm, 08 Oct 2012

Very exciting news. I saw you guys in June at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles and I will be there on the 12th at the Pantages!! Great great news :)

Posted by cofirst at 5:46pm, 08 Oct 2012

I do not see you in Offenbach on Monday, because I broke my leg. I am really sad :´(!

Posted by 22ivj04 at 4:43pm, 08 Oct 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~Lindsay who has a perma-grin in Royal Oak.

Posted by petersl1 at 4:39pm, 08 Oct 2012

Well, pack your whole wardrobe! And have a great time.

Posted by theresa_b at 4:34pm, 08 Oct 2012

no australian tour this time....was is something we said? ;P

Posted by symphonie at 4:25pm, 08 Oct 2012

PLEEEEASE ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!! every time I look at your web and I find new tour dates everywhere except in Argentina I melt!!!!!!!

Posted by crystal-alby at 4:08pm, 08 Oct 2012

3 shows in my area! Right near my birthday too! Best birthday EVER! ^_^

Posted by Angel_Of_Music12893 at 4:06pm, 08 Oct 2012

Minneapolis becomes a Strangeland on January 21st!

Posted by jcvanek at 4:01pm, 08 Oct 2012

Hello Tom and all! Tks for the lovely message, this is really an amazing start for 2013! Wonderful news, very happy for you! In the meantime...we're counting the days in Portugal...look forward to seeing you on the 20th, Lisbon! Can I leave a song request...pls include "In your own time" on the Setlist, it would be a "Blast" :D *** All the best and see you all soon! ♥

Posted by hlimpo at 3:56pm, 08 Oct 2012

PLEASE COME TO PROVIDENCE PPAC in Jan/Feb 2013!!! in Providence, Rhode Island

Posted by keaneisgreat at 3:45pm, 08 Oct 2012

Providence on January 2nd!!!!! PLEASE

Posted by keaneisgreat at 3:36pm, 08 Oct 2012

um... add an 18th date perhaps? maybe PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, USA at PROVIDENCE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER!!!!! PLEASE! you skipped southern new England!!!! maybe February 1 or december 1st or something! please!!!!! Providence is a city that you have never come to before!!

Posted by keaneisgreat at 3:36pm, 08 Oct 2012

Yiiiiiiii-haw! Woot! and other utterances of extreme joy! This is excellent news!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Request- Tim please sing Your Love!!!!

Posted by WTolucaLaker at 3:18pm, 08 Oct 2012

YAY! So excited to be seeing Keane for the first time in almost 10 years!

Posted by Shoshana at 3:13pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by angieherreram at 3:09pm, 08 Oct 2012

This is excellent news!! :-) We're eagerly looking forward to having you in Colombia and Latin America. Cheers and our best wishes now that you're back home! ;-)

Posted by Honey at 2:58pm, 08 Oct 2012

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