Q&A: Tim's Asian tour update

07 Oct 2012
Q&A: Tim's Asian tour update

Q. Hello Tim! How are you?
A. Very well thanks. I did a huge walk around Bangkok this afternoon and my feet are aching.

Q. Where are you right now?
A. I'm on the plane flying home from Thailand. We'll be at home for a few days and then off to Beirut and into the European tour.

Q. So, you've been out in Asia for 10 days now, how's it all going?
A. It has been a really great tour. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. I also feel like I've been able to see a bit more of some of the cities we've visited than usual. We have met some interesting people and had some great times.

Q. How have the shows been so far?
A. The crowds have been great and I think we have played really well. They've been big shows too, which makes us feel pretty special. We've also thrown in some songs we haven't played for a while, like The Lovers Are Losing and Snowed Under, which keeps us on our toes.

Q. The crowds look great from Richard's photos.
A. Yes they've been incredibly enthusiastic, a lot of smiling faces and some very loud singing along…!

Q. With a show every other day and quite large distances between them, presumably you're spending quite a lot of time travelling?
A. The travelling has definitely been intense. A lot of flying and a lot of time spent in vans to and from airports and venues. Jakarta has the most mental traffic we've experienced so far...!

Q. What do you tend to do while you're on planes?
A. I usually read - I've just finished Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller, and have moved on to Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. If the flight's a bit longer I might get stuck into a bit of Modern Family or Mad Men.

Q. You're also visiting some places that Keane haven't been before - have you been able to do any sightseeing?
A. I've done plenty of sightseeing, or at least managed to get a taste of something cultural, in most places. That has been really brilliant actually, because it's frustrating when you go somewhere exciting and exotic and leave without feeling you've seen anything apart from the hotel and the venue. We did karaoke in Taipei, experienced Gangnam Style first-hand in Seoul, ate a lot of sushi at the restaurant which inspired the big fight scene in Kill Bill in Tokyo, had an ice-cold jacuzzi in Jakarta (OK, that was just me), and visited the Grand Palace and took a long boat along the river in Bangkok. Among many other things. It has been a lot of fun.

Q. When you get back, you only have a couple of weeks before the European tour starts. What will you do during that time off?
A. I think it's six days until we fly to Beirut, so there's not a lot of time. I'll mainly be dealing with a big pile of laundry from this tour, and doing exciting things like going to the dentist. Wish me luck.

Q. And presumably you're looking forward to the European dates and rounding off the year with the UK arena tour?
A. Yes, it's pretty much our busiest year ever I think. These few months are particularly intense, in the best possible way. I feel like we're having fun and playing really well, so it's great to be busy right up until Christmas. The European tour is easily the most extensive we've ever done, with a lot of new places, and it will be a real treat to be back in arenas in the UK playing the Strangeland songs.

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Hey guys, any chance of seeing you In Australia soon as we are dying here ?

Posted by ozscot61 at 6:17am, 31 Oct 2012

Hi Tim, have you considered reading 50 Shades of Grey yet? You know what, Miss indiegirl1980's comment to not encourage you to read the book (I don't get why not. A person who reads a Steinbeck can manage to read an EL James. I did. My world didn't collapse.) just made me imagine YOU PLAYING CHRISTIAN GREY in the film version. OMG!!!!!!!!! You do know how hot and good-looking you are, don't you? Seriously, I would trade Ian Somerhalder or Ryan Gosling or Alexander Skarsgard for YOU. SO????? *wink wink

Posted by DonNaDong at 5:04pm, 19 Oct 2012

I recommend Walt Whitman and Portlandia.

Posted by theresa_b at 3:45pm, 15 Oct 2012

How was your experience in the Philippines? We would love to see you again! The concert was a blast! I really want to thank you, in behalf of all Filipino fans, for that amazing performance! I actually waited for Under Pressure performance, too bad I haven't seen it live yet. But nonetheless, I feel soooo lucky to hear 26songs live from you! I even heard the 5songs I have tweeted you, I just really felt lucky. You even played Snowed Under! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! :D I would love to meet you personally the next time you'll visit Manila. :)

Posted by cesboco at 10:45pm, 13 Oct 2012

Tim. I won your pomelo you drew in Taiwan. Hope that I can become a genius as you are. Best regards for keane forever. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.535786349769512.145113.10000 0144552848&type=3 Urania

Posted by urania.galaxy at 4:55am, 12 Oct 2012

Please don't encourage Tim to read 50 Shades... Any Human Heart was bad enough, I was blushing like mad reading that book on your recommendation, Mr Rice-Oxley!

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 8:21pm, 10 Oct 2012

I love when you add more titles to the Tim's Book Club :-D I just read Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath and loved his style, I have another book from the same author in my list, The Wayward Bus, this one a kind of sugestion from Genesis' Tony Banks, do you know this one? I added now two more titles to my wish list from your recent reading ;-) Hope you're having fun. I miss you and the guys so much... Please come back soon to Brazil. All the best from The Frog Prince Squad \o/

Posted by Beth at 8:30pm, 09 Oct 2012

Glad to know you had fun! Hope to see you soon in Argentina! xx

Posted by pskeane at 4:03am, 09 Oct 2012

Ah là là...exciting days with the laundry I know it ! And wednesday, it's my turn for the dentist... :( But isn't it marvellous to be at home with family ? Our children' smile light up our daily worries. Good night

Posted by athallie at 11:01pm, 08 Oct 2012

Hola de nuevo Tim. Te deseo suerte si has de ir al dentista. No te preocupes. Podria salir una canción de la visita. Me gustaría decirte que estoy practicando piano con las dos manos. La derecha en clave de Sol y la izquierda en clave de Fa. Sin el metrònomo, has de tener memorizado el tiempo, memorizar si es una nota negra, corchea etc. No me puedo imaginar todo esto en sostenidos y bemoles. Es un instrumento que te da autoestima y con un sonido elegante. Como puedes ver voy paso a paso. De momento estoy dentro de una octava. Besos, Tim, i admiro como tocas el piano. Me agradaria ver tu estudio, ya lo sabes. Sea Fog's Studios debe ser magnífico ver todos los pianos juntos. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:56pm, 08 Oct 2012

It was nice to hear from you Tim !!! and the best of luck at the dentist !!!! you have the most perfect teeth and smile I've seen !! .....and we don't want to ruin that, do we?

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:35pm, 08 Oct 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 7:49pm, 08 Oct 2012

SALUT TIM ** je suis heureuse pour toi; de voire que cette tournée en Asie a été aussi plaisante cela doit être vraiment géniale de pouvoir découvrir toutes ces villes avec leurs cultures ; malgré toutes ses joies je comprend ton impatience de RENTRER chez toi retrouver toute ta petite famille rien ne vaut L'AMOUR DES SIENS ** je suis sûre que durant tous ses km parcourus tu as dûs en profiter pour ècrire (certainement ce qui sera peu être vos futures chansons )) en attendant de te retrouver à L'OLYMPIA je te souhaite beaucoup repos et de gros calins avec tes enfants **** Merci à toi pour toutes ses délicieuses chansons que tu nous fais partager **** je te dis à trés bientot au 17 octobre CHEZ MOI EN FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 7:47pm, 08 Oct 2012

Steinbeck is an amazing author. I haven't gotten around to reading Cannery Row (so many books, so little time!), but The Grapes Of Wrath and Of Mice And Men are two of my favorite classic novels. His novella The Pearl is very good, too. Enjoy your book, Tim, and good luck at the dentist!

Posted by cami75 at 2:09pm, 08 Oct 2012

Hola, Tim. Me alegro que hayas podido visitar los lugares donde habéis estado. Porqué és una pena cantar en los lugares donde uno nunca ha estado y volver a Londres si haber conocido la cultura de Asia. Ya sabemos que volar no te gusta demasiado. Pero coger el avión era necesario. Supongo también habrás compuesto alguna canción ó el estribillo quizás. Lo que me dado cuenta és que vas vestido con el último botón de la camisa abrochada. No sé si te gusta la moda "nerd". Pero te hace un poco retro. Reamente parece como si en general volviéramos hacia atrás. He oído que vuelve la moda vintage. Y también Strangeland es volver a los orígenes de Keane. Petons. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 1:55pm, 08 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** It´s always a pleasure to know some about the boy´s trips! Thank you, Tim, for sharing it with us! Lots of love and have good days in UK before going for a new tour again! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 12:34pm, 08 Oct 2012

Ciao caro Tim, mi è piaciuto molto leggere le tue risposte, tutto molto interessante, cerca di riposarti un pochino adesso che torni a casa per qualche giorno, prenditi cura di te stesso! Spero che dal dentista vada tutto bene, ti faccio tanti auguri!Mi fa piacere anche sapere che questo tour in Asia sia stato per voi entusiasmante e che abbiate anche avuto il tempo di divertirvi col karaoke e andare un pò un giro a conoscere meglio i luoghi dei vostri viaggi !!!Auguro a tutta la band ogni bene! Un bacione dalla vostra fan Sabrina da Catania, a presto!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:41am, 08 Oct 2012

Hi, Tim! Glad that you, guys, are back home safe and sound in England and cannot wait for your European Tour. Now you've got 6 days to have quality time with your respective families and friends and in your case, Tim, your dentist! (Isn't he/she the luckiest?) And the last time I've checked, brilliant songwriters are usually those who are wide-readers albeit I'm a wide-reader myself but my writing pales in comparison with you. Oh dear! Anyway, take care & I'm so pleased that you, guys, are enjoying and loving what you are doing! Cheers & God bless! hugs & kisses from Chocolateland (Belgium)

Posted by anouk23 at 8:54am, 08 Oct 2012

Yeah, can you bring back the Q&A for each member of Keane, please, especially for those KEANE fans who've been hiding under the rock for ages because we've got loads of new questions for each member. Thank a lot in advance!

Posted by anouk23 at 8:51am, 08 Oct 2012

Does Tom have this Q&A portion too? I would LOVE to know what's on his playlist or his kindle. Best of luck on the European tour Tim! Love from Manila!

Posted by DonNaDong at 6:58am, 08 Oct 2012

Modern Family and Mad Men, Miller and Steinbeck. Wow. You definitely know how to entertain yourself. :) Up for a challenge? How about reading 50 SHADES OF GREY and watching THE NEWSROOM and tell us about it?

Posted by DonNaDong at 6:56am, 08 Oct 2012

Tim, I liked your reading tips. Regarding the dentist, I would say that he or she is lucky to have you as a client. Today, I bought my Strangeland cd. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:25am, 08 Oct 2012

Wonderful to hear how well things are going & that you're having fun, too! May this be the most pleasant dentist's visit ever!

Posted by WTolucaLaker at 11:03pm, 07 Oct 2012

Cannery Row....a classic!...Have you seen the film? Also a classic......Glad you are all having fun...You deserve it..and more! Wishing you all the very best......Sherry W., Michigan, USA. @sambawoman.

Posted by Sherry W. at 10:31pm, 07 Oct 2012

Very excited/interesting stuff! Good luck at the dentist, Tim!

Posted by Hattie at 10:13pm, 07 Oct 2012

I wish you the best, Tim! Greetings from Chile.

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 10:13pm, 07 Oct 2012

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