Singapore, Manila, Bangkok & Jakarta crowd shots

06 Oct 2012
Singapore, Manila, Bangkok & Jakarta crowd shots

UPDATE: Jakarta now added!

Here are Rich's crowd shots from the shows in Jakarta, Singapore, Manila and Bangkok (you can add your photos from the shows in our Live Archive). Click on the pictures to get the full size versions.





Comments (23)

@jose0807 ikr! ;) waaahhh... please come back soon! lovin' the #Strangeland album!

Posted by valeriemcm at 1:07pm, 17 Oct 2012

ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ ที่มาเล่นที่เมืองไทย ขอบคุณจากใจ Thank you for visited Thailand !!! Thank you from my heart KEANE !!! Your songs inspired me to go on. You change my life. I love you guys!!

Posted by supattra at 5:22am, 16 Oct 2012

Manila is begging for KEANE...again!

Posted by jose0807 at 5:17am, 14 Oct 2012

The Philippines misses Keane already! We're so lucky to hear 26songs live from you! THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! We're looking forward to see you perform again in Manila. Please do come back. :D

Posted by cesboco at 10:50pm, 13 Oct 2012

I'm currently on my 2nd week of PCD after Keane's concert in Manila. Thank you very much for your amazing performance! It is very much appreciated! We love you!!! :D Please do come back for your 2nd concert, perhaps next year? :D "I miss you...But the day will come!"

Posted by cesboco at 10:14pm, 13 Oct 2012

So many happy faces here (including mine). Thank you guys for coming to Jakarta. Your performance was incredibly awesome and can not wait for you guys to come again to Jakarta. Thank you for being the most inspiring and best band ever. Thank you for showing that good music is still exist. Mega Giant Love from Jakarta!

Posted by amira___ at 12:57pm, 10 Oct 2012

Hola, chicos. Me alegro que llevéis la música all the world. Tim, te has comprado algun keys con algún sonido nuevo ? He visto un documental de hace unos años, en los Helioscentric Studios. Vosotros jugando a football en un entorno rural. Tim explicando como la entrada de sonido de una guitarra a un keys no lo había hecho nadie. Estupendo documental donde se ve los inicios y en aquellos momentos me hubiera gustado apuntarme a esta banda para iniciar un proyecto musical tant esperanzador. Ahora con 46 años los escucho y entiendo perfectamente cuando Tim dice en el documental que esta contento de poder pasar todo el dia haciendo musica. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:35pm, 07 Oct 2012

awesome manila show! come back soon and play under pressure! :-)

Posted by superk at 2:37pm, 07 Oct 2012

thanks Richard for adding Jakarta. i can see myself in the front row, looking absolutely happy :)) please come back soon to Jakarta!!

Posted by cantique at 1:34pm, 07 Oct 2012

hanya tanganku yang terlihat!! haha,, setidaknya aku sudah bisa melihat kalian langsung di depan mataku!! terima kasih!

Posted by DAHVALMA at 12:52pm, 07 Oct 2012

I'm a tiny little dot in the Bangkok gig shot. So glad to be a part of this incredible Strangeland Tour. Keep supporting & ♥ KEANE always!!!!!!!

Posted by bourbon at 3:01am, 07 Oct 2012

Thanks Richard for these photos. I kinda stole/downloaded them because I just need to circle myself in it, frame it, and then pass it to my offspring and my future generation. ♥♥♥. I hope you don't mind? Your camera and lens are AWESOME by the way. Please come back for a vacation. In case you guys forgot to google, we ASIANS can offer something more than just screaming lungs, sweat and tears, and crazy love for you guys. I WILL NOT STALK. Promise!

Posted by DonNaDong at 6:32pm, 06 Oct 2012

Your music is one of the best gifts to me of this generation. I live, I survive, I laugh, I inspire, I love with ease because of you. Thank you Tom and the rest of the band for visiting Asia. I love you and please come back.

Posted by DonNaDong at 6:26pm, 06 Oct 2012

AMAZING KEANE.. keep on rocking..

Posted by MARIEL12 at 5:23pm, 06 Oct 2012

All you guys are amazing and so are your fans. I love it. Please come to Thailand again.

Posted by KIKKYB at 5:07pm, 06 Oct 2012

Love Keane! and WOW! thanks Richard,because i can see myself in the photo (fornt-on the right-black shirt-big smile) hehehe! l

Posted by Warepornr at 2:03pm, 06 Oct 2012

love all crowd photo richard take ~~~

Posted by tracyyip at 12:37pm, 06 Oct 2012

Where is JAKARTA??????? #crying Please Rich....... I Need it

Posted by wendydiana at 9:00am, 06 Oct 2012

I saw myself! Far right with a camera in front of my face! It was an amazing night! Nothing will ever top it!

Posted by pomelojean at 5:50am, 06 Oct 2012

heyyy, increible, quisiera algun día poder ir a un concierto de ésta magnitud!!!

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 5:30am, 06 Oct 2012

So many happy faces, Keane fans are amazing and it doesn't matter where they were from. Tks, Mr.Km.com. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:07am, 06 Oct 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo ***** Loved them! Thank you for sharing this! Lots of love and have a great week-end. XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 6:40pm, 05 Oct 2012

Grazie Richard per queste tre nuove foto direttamente dal palcoscenico, come sempre mi piace molto poterle ingrandire , si nota bene il pubblico entusiasta e felice di vedervi e poi è divertentissimo vedere il palcoscenico e voi così da vicino, nella foto di Bangkok addirittura ho notato che Jesse non porta le scarpe, strano, può essere un pò di mal di piedi? Un abbraccio forte a tutta la band, by Sabry from Catania- SICILY!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:29pm, 05 Oct 2012

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