Upstairs At United vinyl out today!

18 Sep 2012

UPDATE: The 12-inch is released today! Click here to get your copy from the Keane Shop. And check out a video of Fly To Me here.


We're proud to announce the forthcoming release of ‘Upstairs At United - Vol. 5’, a special edition 4-track vinyl 12-inch which was recorded in analogue for Nashville based label 453 Music, a division of United Record Pressing. The record will will be released on 18th September 2012, but is available to pre-order from the Keane Shop now.

As readers of Richard's blog might remember, the band visited the historic United Record Pressing plant in Nashville, Tennessee on 21 June 2012, during their North American tour. While they were there, the band performed a stripped down version of four catalogue songs for an exclusive ‘Upstairs At United’ series of all-analogue recordings in one take straight to tape.

All recordings are captured directly to analogue tape under the leadership of mastering engineer Chris Mara of analogue recording studio Welcome to 1979, then cut to 12” EP’s at 45 RPM. The tracklisting is as follows:

Side A:
1) It's Not True
2) Sea Fog

Side B:
1) Silenced By The Night
2) Fly To Me

The vinyl, presented in a Kraft-style packaging that highlights the authentic approach used in making these records, includes session specific inserts with colour photos from the recording session, and comes in archival quality re-sealable poly bags.

Keane will be donating their royalty from this release to the Scott Johnson Bursary, a fund set up by Scott's parents to benefit young musicians at schools in Rotherham, UK. A close friend and colleague for many years, Scott tragically passed away earlier this year. For more information visit:  www.scottjohnsonbursary.com

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Haven't received mine either. I get the feeling it maybe shipping direct from United Record Pressing or a distribution centre in the US, which would explain the fixed more expensive shipping option and why it is taking sooo long! If that is the case, it would have been a courtesy to note that it would be shipping from the US sandbag! Also the shipping option is Royal Mail Tracked, so where is the tracking number? When I am an old man and live by the sea, will my vinyl have arrived in time for tea? And when I'm far away from the places I have known, will the warm Keane sound on vinyl bring me home?

Posted by Slappyhead at 11:04am, 27 Sep 2012

Does anyone actually have a copy of this EP in their mitts yet? Just before I kick off at Sandbag....

Posted by woody81 at 5:41pm, 26 Sep 2012

Where is my mum's record?????!!!!! MY MUM WANTS TO LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Son2 at 4:10pm, 24 Sep 2012

Wonderful! I want to have this as soon as possible. Firstly, because of its cause, and second, because it's you, Keane. I fainted with happiness while listening to Fly To Me he he he!! Congrats for your top-quality performance which is evident in this pure recording! Lots of success to you and to everyone! Latin America waits for Keane! Lots of hugs and best wishes from Colombia. PS: Excellent way to remember Scott!! :-) He never be forgotten!

Posted by Honey at 5:11am, 23 Sep 2012

Cari Keane, mi sono emozionata a sentirvi in Fly to me, è un brano che ho sempre adorato, mi fa sognare ...! Vi ringrazio tantissimo per averci regalato questo dolcissimo video, siete magici !!! Un grosso saluto dalla vostra fan Sabrina da Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:39am, 21 Sep 2012

I don't have my EP yet either :( I'm still looking forward to hearing it though, I'm not that angry yet, just slightly worried :D

Posted by tonilevans at 4:52pm, 20 Sep 2012

so,where are these EP's then? still aint got mine :-(

Posted by cjswench at 2:06am, 20 Sep 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** This is really GREAT! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 1:54pm, 19 Sep 2012


Posted by gabriela at 1:16pm, 19 Sep 2012

... and I thought it was just me Dawn. I rang home in my lunchtime hoping to hear the news of its arrival, but no luck, sorry!

Posted by woody81 at 1:16pm, 19 Sep 2012

That's the second day the postman has been and gone without delivering this. Still 'processing' according to information when I log in, although I've seen Sandbag tweeting that they should have gone yesterday. Does anyone actually have a copy that they ordered from here?

Posted by justanotherdawn at 12:17pm, 19 Sep 2012

Este año celebramos los 50 años de la grabación de la canción "Love me do" de los Beatles. Felicidades !!!

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:32am, 19 Sep 2012

Vaya cuatro canciones !!! Sea Fog, It's not true, Fly To me, Silenced by the night todavía no le cogido el tranquillo. It's not true no sé definirla jazz, tipo Cool Porter, pero és una passada. He empezado clases particulares de piano Tim. Solo decirte que solamente tu sabes las horas, horas i horas que habrás pasado delante del keyboard. Toda una dedicación i amor a la música. Ya lo sabes, eres mi Mozart particular. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:03am, 19 Sep 2012

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥ KEANEEEE LOS AMO TANTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Melisa at 2:53am, 19 Sep 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 1:30am, 19 Sep 2012

Any word on when they'll be shipped? Would have been cool if we could get a digital download along with the record. :: waiting patiently ::

Posted by WeatherTheLizard at 11:23pm, 18 Sep 2012

Thank you, beloved guys!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 10:11pm, 18 Sep 2012

I want it so bad!!!

Posted by pskeane at 10:07pm, 18 Sep 2012

Awesome you guys! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Posted by Hattie at 10:00pm, 18 Sep 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 9:51pm, 18 Sep 2012

Well done, guys! By any chance you guys will put the other videos of the other songs of this record on YouTube, too?

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 9:28pm, 18 Sep 2012

So where's my pre-ordered copy then?!

Posted by suered at 8:34pm, 18 Sep 2012

Every picture you take is so beautiful. I hope to get it somehow. I can't wait to order this, I really want it.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 9:15pm, 17 Sep 2012

gran trabajo y extraordinario fin, Scott estara muy feliz en el cielo de tener unos amigos tan nobles como ustedes , este disco es extra extra extra especial por eso ,los amo ❤ :)

Posted by afri at 7:16am, 14 Sep 2012

Love you Keane!! ♥

Posted by jimenilitis at 4:11am, 26 Aug 2012

WOW, Fly to Me \o/ It's amazing that you are playing this song nowadays, maybe you'll want to try it entirely here in South America?? haha That's great that you will donate the funds to the Scott's foundation, I would buy a vinyl for me anyway but now I'll give some as a gift to my friends too :-) See you guys in Paraguay, YAY - and Brazil also, The Frog Prince Squad can't wait to have you in Rio and Sao Paulo again \o/\o/\o/\o/ All my best

Posted by Beth at 3:51am, 20 Aug 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 11:19pm, 17 Aug 2012

please play snow under in MONTERREY MEXICO the next 29 of august!

Posted by esperanzalf at 9:29pm, 17 Aug 2012

je suis impardonnable pour la faute d'orthographe sur le nom de l'album** toutes mes excuses à tous

Posted by choupette94 at 9:08pm, 17 Aug 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 8:59pm, 17 Aug 2012

Suite de mon message *** je suis assez etonnée que vous ayez mis FLY TO ME en quatrieme chansons pour votre vinyl ce n'est pas que je n'aime pas cette chanson loin de là mais elle qui appatient a votre album SRANGELAND SYMPA l'idée du vinyl*** merci pour la vidéo (TOMY J'ai adoré d'entendre chanter **

Posted by choupette94 at 8:56pm, 17 Aug 2012

SALUT LES AMIIS°° je trouve votre geste en faveur des parents de SCOOT sensationnelle je suis sur que là haut votre ami doit etre trés fier de vous tout ceci ne fait que renforcer l'AMOUR que j'ai pour vous

Posted by choupette94 at 8:54pm, 17 Aug 2012

FLY TO ME?! OMG, how I love that song... One of my fav oldies!! Congrats for this idea =) HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =) PS: When are you going to announce your Latin American Tour?? Please!!

Posted by Dra_House at 7:21pm, 17 Aug 2012

Wow! Very touching, I remember when I read that Scott passed away, it was really sad but it´s great to know about the royalties donation. Beijos, Regina

Posted by Regina Brz at 5:53pm, 17 Aug 2012

OOoh, now that sounds good... looking forward to the 02 gig with heightened anticipation now! X

Posted by JaneA at 5:41pm, 17 Aug 2012

That is awesome! I'm so excited---sounds incredible!

Posted by Hattie at 5:38pm, 17 Aug 2012

So exciting! Can't wait to get it, and so wonderful that the royalties are going to the fund in honor of Scott. Very special.

Posted by blinky234 at 3:40pm, 17 Aug 2012

Fantastic! I remember Tim telling me about this release last June after the "evacuated" show in Nashville. I was really waiting for this news, and I'm so glad to know that the band will be donating their royalty to the Scott Johnson Bursary. Sadly I don't have a vinyl player, but I will do my part and get my 12-inch anyway for my Keane collection :) I will buy a player one day, and I can always borrow one my friends :P I can't wait to listen to these 4 tracks, especially fly to me, one of my "old" favourites. Have a great week end! - Simona -

Posted by sim163 at 3:27pm, 17 Aug 2012

Che bella idea cari Keane un disco in vinile, la qualità del suono così è più intima , più coinvolgente, avete fatto proprio bene a realizzare una registrazione in Ep!!! Mi piace tanto anche vedere lo studio e sentirvi in video da questo importante studio di Nashiville!Sono contenta che il ricavato sarà dato in beneficenza per dei giovani musicisti di una scuola Inglese, le vostre iniziative sono sempre lodevoli! Un bacione Keane, a presto, by Sabrina from Catania, Sicily!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:45pm, 17 Aug 2012

A brilliant idea! You gentlemen always make me so proud of you. A virtual hug from America goes out to all of you. ...Sherry W., Michigan, USA. @sambawoman

Posted by Sherry W. at 1:25pm, 17 Aug 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** What a great idea! By the way, I have my back in pain today, so I spent the whole morning hearing the new album in my mp3. Love you, Keane, dear band! XXXXXXX All the best!

Posted by Isa at 1:24pm, 17 Aug 2012

Really fantastic selection of songs...all of them master-pieces to me ♥ I'll be ordering as soon as I can...so happy that Royalties are going to *Scott's Foundation*!Keane are indeed "4 of a Kind", can't stop feeling so proud of you, for all reasons! Take care and thank you so much***

Posted by hlimpo at 12:29pm, 17 Aug 2012

Purchased! Really glad the royalties are going toward Scott!

Posted by WeatherTheLizard at 11:56am, 17 Aug 2012


Posted by woody81 at 11:06am, 17 Aug 2012

Fantastic! I can't wait to pre-order this and I what a fantastic use the royalties are going to! xx

Posted by Zoz :) at 10:22am, 17 Aug 2012

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