Black Rain video contest winner

16 Jul 2012

Thank you so much for all the amazing entries for the Genero video competition. There were so many great ideas and brilliantly executed pieces of art.

We loved Andy Marsh's video for Black Rain. There's a heartbreaking sense of a young boy's dreams gone awry, a yearning for innocent times and high hopes, of love and kindness remembered in the face of violence and fear. Of course, I can't say whether that's what was intended at all! But either way the atmosphere of this story fits beautifully with the sense of the song, and even the sense of Strangeland as a record. The ghostly and surreal mood of the video also works perfectly with the feel of the music itself - sound and visuals complement each other and give each other more power, which is the ultimate achievement for a music video.


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woooowww O_O it's great!!!

Posted by soun_keane at 2:54am, 14 Oct 2012

OHMYGODNESS!!! i love it! its one of my favorites and now one of my favorites videos (': and yes Tim it represent the feelings of the song, oh well , thats my opinion. Sinceretly, love it! Congratulations! hugs and love from Mexico. Lorena Cantu

Posted by loreiin at 4:41pm, 01 Aug 2012

LOVE IT!!! BEAUTIFUL!! Matches the song so well!!

Posted by Birdbreth at 3:52am, 27 Jul 2012

Thank you Mr. Marsh. OMG I love it - it fits to the song and I kinda been touched by the video, but also for the text I read that Tim wrote. It is an amazing video and really good work with the whole video. The song is really good, it's a beautiful and lovely song so the mixture is brilliant, it's amazing. It all just touched me, I use to get easily touched when I sometimes watch a movie or TV series but just the video with this song was incredible brilliant. I love it! Congratulation later than expected because of me, I'm sorry. Still I'm saying congrats! I love it, Marsh. It's incredible.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 8:16pm, 22 Jul 2012


Posted by Connie-Keane at 8:03pm, 22 Jul 2012

My first chance to see the video - brilliant! Loved the song from the start, and the video has done it justice! Thank you, Mr. Marsh!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:31pm, 22 Jul 2012

Hi all - Andy Marsh the Director of the video here. Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments left on here. It was a pleasure to make a video for such a wonderful song. If anyone is interested you can see more of my short films and music videos at http://www.andyjmarsh.com/#!noirville/c1c6z Peace Andy

Posted by andyjmarsh at 7:26pm, 21 Jul 2012

Beautiful!! What a talented person Andy Marsh is!! Bravissimo!!!!

Posted by gisellita at 5:18pm, 21 Jul 2012

What a great video. It really reflects the mood and the idea of the song! Well done to everybody who was involved in the making of this brilliant video!

Posted by Dorothee at 2:03pm, 21 Jul 2012

Deserved winner. Loved the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of the video. And the smog adds even more mystery.

Posted by SunLight at 7:07am, 21 Jul 2012

This is a beutiful and touching video.. and the song fits perfectly! Congratulations to Andy Marsh and all the people who worked on it. I really wish Keane could come to South America!!

Posted by ANdy_arg012 at 6:16am, 21 Jul 2012

Hauntingly beautiful …fate allows us to tread certain pathways… I relied on assumptions…expectations…unspoken boundaries … I expected so much more , more than what was within you to give……

Posted by Nina at 11:39pm, 19 Jul 2012

Ce clip est très réussi. J'adore. Cela correspond bien à musique de cette chanson. Andy Marsh, vous être un artiste, alors je vous dis : "bravo l'artiste !"

Posted by Hakim at 11:18pm, 19 Jul 2012

Fellow Keane fans, check out this track I made, do you guys think keane should remake it?!?!?!?! http://soundcloud.com/adam-murphy-1/adam-murphy-twisted-inside-out

Posted by MrMusicMurphy at 10:24pm, 19 Jul 2012

Definitely, this video deserves to be the winner of the contest. And... to be honest... this video is much better than the other Strangeland videos... I'm so sorry for telling this, but... well... Thank you, Mr. Andy Marsh, your video is AWESOME!!!!!!! PD: Keane, will you come to Colombia????

Posted by zanella at 4:48pm, 19 Jul 2012


Posted by flor_perfectkeane at 3:29pm, 19 Jul 2012

Excelente final!

Posted by GuStAvO at 10:05pm, 18 Jul 2012

WoWW congratulations!!!! I love keane ... a piece of art!!

Posted by paliz at 8:55pm, 18 Jul 2012

waouh....trés belle vidéo! ! bravo Andy.......il faut dire que cette chanson me fait toujours autant d'effet que lors de la 1ère écoute mais sincèrement le clip va trés bien dessus Vivement le concert en france!!!!!!

Posted by sev.6913 at 7:10pm, 18 Jul 2012

my video had been awful next to this super production excellent video! I enjoyed it a lot!!! Keane come to Argentina please!!!!!!!!

Posted by leo22 at 6:09pm, 18 Jul 2012

Amazing video for an amazing song. One of your best creations! I love you now and always, from Mexico

Posted by .:RoseChaplin:. at 5:15pm, 18 Jul 2012

Beautifully Chilling! I also love Tims words to describe the video. XX

Posted by ahhceo at 4:01pm, 18 Jul 2012

我会说我没看懂吗?真心佩服那些秒懂的人!!!!! !!!!

Posted by lzsb at 3:14pm, 18 Jul 2012

I love this video. It fits perfectly with the song. Black Rain is so hauntingly beautiful. Annette H. x

Posted by NET at 9:52am, 18 Jul 2012


Posted by Maayani at 4:02am, 18 Jul 2012

Wouaw. It's really a remarkable work ! I really love it. The reflecions are superb. And the atmosphere "fait froid dans le dos"... (It gives me the creeps). Frankly bravo !

Posted by athallie at 11:19pm, 17 Jul 2012

Visually beautiful and very moving. I believe it is even better than the Disconnected, SBTN and SLC's videos.

Posted by gabus at 10:46pm, 17 Jul 2012

Congratulations Andy Marsh! Your video is very moving.

Posted by angelrosie at 8:06pm, 17 Jul 2012

Wow, that was really good. Tearjerker!! Good choice, it represents the song beautifully.

Posted by LilyKEANE at 7:38pm, 17 Jul 2012

Tim, I loved this video! it's so beautiful! now is my favourite :D Greetings from Chile! I love youuu :)

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 5:44pm, 17 Jul 2012

Congrats Andy Marsh! I love the atmosphere of the video, it definitely fits the song. The end is heartbreaking *sigh* very intense.

Posted by sim163 at 5:44pm, 17 Jul 2012

Wonderful! I love it! Congratulations!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 5:41pm, 17 Jul 2012

Hi keaneeeeeeee♥♥♥ it´s great!!! ;) congratulations!!!! and thank you!! good day for you!!!! :D I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MELY ZURI from Argentina!BS.AS.

Posted by Melisa at 4:55pm, 17 Jul 2012

Beautiful Keane - my other half said that this must be their best album yet - I cant agree with that as I can't make I mind which album is my favourite!! But Strangeland just keeps growing on me! lovely videos your fans are very arty and talented!!

Posted by Annette M at 2:06pm, 17 Jul 2012

Staying in Hamburg at the moment - can´t watch the video, thanks to GEMA, now I know why German fans are always so pissed off.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:27am, 17 Jul 2012

Hello KEANE!!! Congratulations!!! great video!!! i loved it!!! the boy of the video looks like Tom when was a child!! :) bye...kisses from paraguay!!! :)

Posted by dianachaplin at 7:35am, 17 Jul 2012

Lovely Video, very well done... but it reminds me TOO much to the Film "The Empire of the Sun" with Christian Bale and John Malkovich.

Posted by LaKeane at 7:01am, 17 Jul 2012


Posted by grumpel at 2:38am, 17 Jul 2012

Congratulations!!! I was delighted with the video! Perfect harmony with the song! I loved it!!!

Posted by jal at 2:26am, 17 Jul 2012

Beautiful video and great choice!!! :'(

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 1:02am, 17 Jul 2012

The song made me cry again with this beautiful video, really touching....... exactly like the first time I heard it...... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by aída (méxico) at 11:38pm, 16 Jul 2012

24 octubre Razzmatazz Barcelona. Por favor, Perfect Symetry, Leaving so soon, A road, Sea Fog, Watch how you go, The Boys, It's not true, Run with me, Nothing in my way ...

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:32pm, 16 Jul 2012

So touching, so wonderful.... So sad and so beautiful.... Thank you, KEANE and Andy Marsh!

Posted by Shanchok-Nadya at 8:57pm, 16 Jul 2012

No entiendo de vídeos. No soy productor ni director. Veo que el niño hace un buen papel y que tiene un aire físico a Tom. El contexto de la niebla, fog, es diria la atmósfera de todo Strangeland. Parece que es un CD con canciones simples pero no lo son. Me parece Tim que empiezo a conocerte y eres una persona exigente con tu trabajo y quieres seriedad. Para ti la música es toda una expresion emocional. Es importante saber que el ganador ha sido una elección de toda la banda Keane. Eres para mi un gran compositor. Pero tienes también un gran equipo como el Football club Barcelona con el entrenador Pep Guardiola. Sin ellos Keane no seria Keane. Es un elegante y precioso vídeo para vuestra banda. Petons. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:51pm, 16 Jul 2012

What a beautiful video! It compliments the feel of the song, the lyrics and the melody perfectly. Congratulations to the winner.

Posted by sss86 at 8:48pm, 16 Jul 2012

FELICITATIONS !!a l'auteur de ce CHEF D'OEUVRE c'est vraiment du travail de tres grande qualite °° ily a le petit détail qui fait que l' on vit cette histoire avec les personnages **BRAVO **la chanson plus ses images on ressent une ' EMOTION EST TRES FORTE je ne sais pas si les personnages sont des comediens professionels mais l'effet est remarquable encore toutes mes felicitations.. TRES BON CHOIX **GROS BISOUS A TOUS

Posted by choupette94 at 6:27pm, 16 Jul 2012

I love it!! It is a gorgeous video, perfect for Black Rain! :)

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 6:06pm, 16 Jul 2012

I loved it guys! Good choise. Well done Andy. I cried my heart out...

Posted by pskeane at 5:47pm, 16 Jul 2012

It is almost exactly as I imagined it but for me it would've been much better including more war scenes, to make the song message more clear. Simply beautiful!

Posted by Hellohelen at 3:52pm, 16 Jul 2012

Very beautiful indeed, it's great to see a video for my favourite Strangeland's song. Congrats, Andy!! All the best from The Frog Prince Squad :-)

Posted by Beth at 3:31pm, 16 Jul 2012

The video really fits perfectly with the song, it´s just lovely!!!! We´ll see you in august, greetings from Mexico!!

Posted by ivonnat at 3:26pm, 16 Jul 2012

Wow, this is incredible! Very moving and beautifully shot.

Posted by musicalmeg at 2:59pm, 16 Jul 2012

This is wonderful & very well done! It perfectly captures the atmospheric & haunting qualities of the track. I was completely drawn in by the imagery & the realization towards the end felt incredibly moving. A worthy winner!

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 2:40pm, 16 Jul 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Yes, Tim is right, beautiful video, great atmosphere! Congratulations to the winner! :) XXXXXX

Posted by Isa at 2:23pm, 16 Jul 2012

Oh guys this is perfect, don't even seen like made for a contest, I just want to say to Mr.(or is it Mrs.?) Marsh, well done! Made me love even more this song. Kisses

Posted by Leteka at 2:22pm, 16 Jul 2012

What a beautiful video! Congratulations!

Posted by Brisa at 1:49pm, 16 Jul 2012

Keane, congrats for this beautiful vid. It's really cold in São Paulo and watch this vid warmed my soul. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 1:48pm, 16 Jul 2012

What a beautiful video! It complements the feel of the song, the lyrics and the melody perfectly. Congratulations to the winner.

Posted by sss86 at 1:46pm, 16 Jul 2012

WOW! What a touching video... I really loved it =)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:05pm, 16 Jul 2012

my video was similar :S

Posted by Kstja at 12:59pm, 16 Jul 2012

A lovely video :D The atmosphere of it really suits the song :)

Posted by FreddyCrab at 12:54pm, 16 Jul 2012

What a painfully beautiful video.

Posted by Dionysia at 12:45pm, 16 Jul 2012

A perfect video for a perfect and and amazing song - it has all the spirit and meaning in it. So proud of your such great talent and sensitivity, thank you for this! ♥

Posted by hlimpo at 12:35pm, 16 Jul 2012

Lovely song and video. Please come to Detroit soon!:)

Posted by ANORTHERNSOUL at 12:29pm, 16 Jul 2012

loved the video! Well done Andy Marsh. well deserved. Keane, another amazing video for an AMAZAING song!

Posted by wajeeha abbasi at 12:15pm, 16 Jul 2012

Will be your official video? I like it :)

Posted by Sara Silva at 12:05pm, 16 Jul 2012

Love you guys. Lorena Cantu

Posted by loreiin at 11:47am, 16 Jul 2012


Posted by loreiin at 11:46am, 16 Jul 2012

The video is really beautiful, and captures completly the lyrics and melody. It blowned my mind away. Congratulations, dude :)

Posted by T.Oak.Pt at 11:45am, 16 Jul 2012

Really! Love and hughs from Mexico

Posted by loreiin at 11:45am, 16 Jul 2012

OMG i love it! Good Choice

Posted by loreiin at 11:44am, 16 Jul 2012

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