Tim & Tom interviewed by William Boyd

14 Jun 2012

Here's a great video from the Guardian in which Tim and Tom are interviewed by the novelist William Boyd (who wrote an excellent short story for the deluxe book edition of Strangeland).

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william boyd! really? i love this novelist! im reading Any Human Heart and really i love it. i find this interview so awesome! you're awesome. i love the part when Boyd talk about Sovereign Ligth Café food LOL and when Tim talk about when you was kids :D so cool. love ya guys♥ love and hughs from Mexico :D. Lorena Cantú

Posted by loreiin at 9:39pm, 30 Jun 2012

I loved the interveiw.

Posted by anui83 at 4:27am, 28 Jun 2012

Viendo vídeos de conciertos en directo, me encanta escuchar el piano de Tim cuando en Nothing in my Way ó en Sunshine acaba haciendo una escala de notes para acabar con la nota tònica. Sigo enamorado del concierto Arena O2 de London cuando Tom reconoció su periódo oscuro y volvió con una fuerza atrapadora. Ahora son mejores. Barcelona, Lluïsa

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:11pm, 24 Jun 2012

Annette- no, never been in a video sadly! Dara O'Brian has a lovely quote which I would like to post on this website for all of us to defend ourselves against the 'cool' brigade. : 'Music snobbery is the worst kind of snobbery there is. 'You like these sounds in your ear? They're the wrong sounds, you should like these sounds instead'. He then goes on to make the point that there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 12:03pm, 24 Jun 2012

Timmy, it's timmy timmy-time :-)

Posted by ingridsomers at 1:38pm, 19 Jun 2012

It's Any Human Heart, from the novel of the same title by William Boyd.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 3:52pm, 17 Jun 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I entered now on the link/Guardian.UK and read about the short story (now the things start to make sense to me, because of my poor English, I guess...) and I read that there is a music that was based on a Boyd´s novel. What is that music, anyone to say it to me, please? Thank you in advance!

Posted by Isa at 12:54pm, 17 Jun 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I was expecting a bit more from this interview, but it was ok, I did like it, but there was nothing new to me but at some time I had the impression the talking was cut, I am not sure of it... well, I think it´s because of the time of the video, to post it here, I do not know... I will try to know more about it. Anyway, thank you for sharing, everything about Keane is interesting... well, almost everything, ha ha! XXXXX Love you guys! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 12:45pm, 17 Jun 2012

indiegirl are you the girl from the video?? Help I can't stop myself from going on the guardian website to defend Keane! I keep saying When I don't like a band I just don't bother going anywhere near them I've got better things to do with my life! Brilliant interview though! Glad to see that famous people aren't too cool to say that they like Keane. And tim at brixton last week you name the nationality, age, or sexual orientation and they were in that queue you can really touch every kind of people with your songs and Tom kills it on stage!

Posted by Annette M at 6:33pm, 16 Jun 2012

I stopped buying The Guardian six years ago over the way they handled the rehab story, and I even wrote the music section an email about it at the time. Some people should really take heed of their mother's saying ;'If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all'. Onto more pleasant things, it was nice to meet William Boyd (another for the list of celeb Keane fans!) and to hear the boys discussing it. Nothing new to add to the whole Strangeland story really but always nice to hear from them.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 2:24pm, 16 Jun 2012

I love these kind of interviews!!

Posted by jado72 at 1:47pm, 16 Jun 2012


Posted by Mihajasoa at 1:38pm, 16 Jun 2012

William Boyd's article was interesting too.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 1:33pm, 16 Jun 2012

Lovely interview!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 1:32pm, 16 Jun 2012

Ignore the haters on the Guardian website. It's great to love a band wholeheartedly knowing that you're not (secretly, grudgingly) motivated to follow them because it's the "cool" thing to do. You love them because they write the most gorgeous, emotive songs and sing and perform them beautifully.

Posted by BCR at 9:05am, 16 Jun 2012

Tim and Tom, you are just too cute. Tom, you might possibly have one of the most adorable laughs I've ever heard. Tim, you amaze me with your exceptional ability to remain so wise, sensitive and insightful during an interview, whilst being so damn charming. Your music continues to make my soul sing every day. I'l be in the front row of your Vancouver show as well as the Bumbershoot music festival. You'll know who I am since I will most likely cheering the loudest of anyone there.

Posted by snowyowl95@hotmail.com at 4:08am, 16 Jun 2012

You always share these kind of things that make us people happy for the day...... I AM DESPERATELY WAITING FOR YOU AT ARENA MONTERREY!!!!!!!!! TICKETS READY!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Posted by aída (méxico) at 3:46am, 16 Jun 2012

Great interview!!! guys, you make such a beautiful couple ;) kisses.

Posted by alexeii at 3:40am, 16 Jun 2012

草,我凌乱了 = =。

Posted by Grace_Gcole at 1:17am, 16 Jun 2012

Lovely video, guys! I'm in the middle of reading William Boyd's Any Human Heart, and I love it so far :) I was at your show last night at the Strathmore, and I met Tim afterwards. You all were AMAZING!! It was my first time seeing you all live, and I loved every single minute of it. Thank you so much for the wonderful performance and everything!! Come back as soon as you get the chance :)

Posted by beccaleigh7 at 7:06pm, 15 Jun 2012

Espero que algún dia Tim and Tom nos cante "Woman" de John Lennon. Creo seriamente que Keane podria abanderar un canto a la Paz. Europa, EE.UU, China y como no Oriente estan en una tensión de fuerzas. Todos conocemos los hechos II Guerra Mundial. Y hemos de mantener el mundo lo menos tensionadao possible. Los Beatles, concretamente Lennon fue un defensor de la paz. Barcelona. Petons. Lluïsa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:59pm, 15 Jun 2012

david1974 - I couldn't believe those comments either I did respond (probablly shouldn't hv ) - but I am shocked that some people will continue to knock Keane for the most weird reasons going in the press! That paper happens to be one I buy but its trying to hard to be cool all the time and I might have to stop purchasing it. I saw a comment ( in a certain music paper) from someone recently who said that he deliberately wanted to get a rise out of Keane fans (people who don't have better things to do obviously)! Keane write, play and sing (without autotuning) all their own songs but apparently they are untalented!?? Anyway they have had 5 N01 Albums that says it all.

Posted by Annette M at 2:45pm, 15 Jun 2012

beautiful interview!! I love you guys!!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 2:06pm, 15 Jun 2012

can't believe all the nasty comments about keane and keane fans on the guardian website, some people are just full of hate! if its uncool to like keane then i'd rather be uncool.

Posted by david1974 at 1:15pm, 15 Jun 2012

Hi Keane!!!!!!!this is beautiful!!! I watch the video while taking my tea with lemon and honey. I'm sick again! and climate of Argentina is similar to London! ♥ much fog and rain! you have a wonderful day, we love you so much!!!forever!!! thanks for all !!. Mely_zuri Buenos Aires.

Posted by Melisa at 12:08pm, 15 Jun 2012

I wish I write more but I really loved the chat. Tim, Tom & William are very nice human beings. Genius! Nighty-night, beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 5:00am, 15 Jun 2012

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Posted by lzsb at 4:08am, 15 Jun 2012

额 我暑假可以多挣点钱 你们快来吧! 你们看不懂中文吧 这点我很烦躁啊!

Posted by lzsb at 4:02am, 15 Jun 2012

This is a really great interview!!!! And well...this is one of the reasons of why i love Keane, they share with us such personal things with a lot of meaning for them and they makes us feel the same, the make us understand... I LOVE YOU KEANE!! I can't wait for you to come México!!! xoxo

Posted by sariux at 10:26pm, 14 Jun 2012

This interview is pretty cool. Very interesting. I love it! :)

Posted by Dorothee at 9:12pm, 14 Jun 2012

Este es el segundo intento que hago para dejarles un mensaje, siempre me pasa lo mismo. Bueno quería decirles que hoy tuve un día fatal y estaba enojadísima, vine a casa, me puse a hacer empanadas y a escucharlos a Uds. y MAGIA se me pasó todo el enojo y estoy alegre y cantando y bailando sus canciones tan bellas. Gracias, saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. Los esperamos.

Posted by noevas at 9:12pm, 14 Jun 2012

对视太深情~受不鸟了!你们两多年前那个结婚的笑话 怎么就没人信了呢!We are waiting for you guys in China! And we love Strangeland!(我翻译的好吧)

Posted by carriexie at 8:51pm, 14 Jun 2012

How nice :) I followd Tim's raccomandation a couple of years ago and really enjoyed Any Human Heart. Seeing Mr. Boyd interviewing now Keane is so exciting!

Posted by sim163 at 8:43pm, 14 Jun 2012

Brilliant! Thanks for this :)

Posted by KeaneDean at 8:40pm, 14 Jun 2012

Hi Guys, excellent interview, tomorrow in NY, I travel on 23, I CAN NOT BELIVEVE! Please return to ARGENTINA,,, I miss U!

Posted by natalia1234 at 8:35pm, 14 Jun 2012

You guys seem so nice and unaffected. SLC is such a great song.

Posted by Hattie at 8:13pm, 14 Jun 2012

My favourite band interviewed by my favourite novelist (who's only my favourite novelist because Tim recommended I read Any Human Heart!) Bliss. Tim, Tom, William (and Jesse and Richard), you have all enriched hours and hours of my life with your music, writing and talent. Thank you. Saw Keane at Brixton on Friday and the experience was quasi-religious: the love from the crowd to the bank and back was palpable (my daughter's been bashing out the chords of Keane songs ever since on the piano!) And this interview perfectly captures the positive introspection of Strangeland. As William wrote, a life is the sum of the good luck and bad luck we experience. Finding Keane's music and William's novel's and short stories have added good luck to my life in spades. Thanks again to all of you.

Posted by BCR at 7:30pm, 14 Jun 2012

Only the people that loves Keane boys as much as i do, can feel the same happiness and emotion watching this video where they talk about all the things they wanted to express doing this masterpiece of album, sincerely i hadn't heard an album wich i could listen again & again and not feel bored of it. Keane's music is even more magic and beautiful beacuse they sing about what really did happened to them and with no doubt that's the reason for wich i feel so identified with Keane 'cos they really have transparent honesty and that's what makes their music : SUBLIME!!! I ♥,♥,♥,♥ Keane.

Posted by Missvanitzzi at 7:20pm, 14 Jun 2012

OMG! I can't avoid love them, worship them, admire them, ...............

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 7:09pm, 14 Jun 2012

SALUT LES AMIIS°° MERCI à Mr WILLIAMS BOYD ainsi qu'a vous deux pour ce moment de confidence °°°jaime beaucoup l'idee de comparer la vie a une terre inconnue(( STRANGELAND ))) cest vrai ++++ personne ne sais ce que la vie nous réserve en ce qui me conserne elle m'aura un trés joli cadeau vous mettre sur mon chemin et ca cest un vrai bonheur ***'(((je le pense sincèrement )))) que dire autrement sur ce magnifique album je pense vous l'avoir dis les musiques sont tres jolies a chaque chanson l' interpretation de TOMY nous fais partager les sentiments d amour des textes pour moi°°°° STANGELAND C EST UN TRES GRAND ET TRES BE LALBUM°°°a écouter sans modération avec tout mon amour je vous adoreeeeeeeeeee GROS BISOUS A TOUS

Posted by choupette94 at 6:52pm, 14 Jun 2012

tom看tim 就像老婆看丈夫一样 哎呦 好妒忌哦 我也想嘛 tom 我怎么办啊 老师整我啊 不让我暑假回家 我好可怜啊 今年我学校取消英语四级考试不与学位证挂钩了 说真的我很开心 tom 你和键盘生十一个小孩子吧 英格兰足球就有救了!!(I bet I below a comment is English , if not I will eat caterpillar! )

Posted by lzsb at 6:24pm, 14 Jun 2012

by the way, Boyd wrote some terrific novels that I can really recommend - I read Any Human Heart, Ordinary Thunderstorms and Brazzaville Beach (because Tim once recommended him in some questionnaire) and enjoyed it a LOT :)..!!!!!

Posted by ironseafish at 6:23pm, 14 Jun 2012

Tim and Tom are so beautiful, so nice to see them smile. Congratulations on your album really is great, wonderful, perfect.... ILOVE my super star ❤ ♡ ღ ♥ KEANE ❤ ♡ ღ ♥ KEANE ❤ ♡ ღ ♥

Posted by surykeanelove at 6:12pm, 14 Jun 2012

as usual I am so proud .xxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 3:23pm, 14 Jun 2012

Really enjoyed the interview...William Boyd is so right when he said about the vastness of space between Margate and Brighton...and of how that kind of englishness/earthly familiarity can inspire greatness or even be a kind of muse of inspiration to authors and artists. Its almost like the areas bring a sense of comfort and ease because of the home-type attachment to it....and you can tell, by listening to the album in its entirety that its almost a postcard of love for the memories/recollections of good times past and of the hope of good times in the future. Brilliant xxx

Posted by Doppelganger at 2:52pm, 14 Jun 2012

@Missvanitzzi 你把前两个位置都抢走了 吼吼

Posted by liwei198870 at 2:45pm, 14 Jun 2012


Posted by liwei198870 at 2:43pm, 14 Jun 2012

How wonderful...bringing these gentlemen together! Applause! Applause!....Lovely little interview!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 2:24pm, 14 Jun 2012

I'll be the second too, hehehe Tom: Your voice is my favourite sound in this world, (~_•) & Tim: You are a Genious !!! (◠‿◠) ♥ (◕‿◕) ❀

Posted by Missvanitzzi at 2:10pm, 14 Jun 2012

Ohhhh i'm the first leaving a comment about yeeey yeeey ujuuuuu yupuuu, OK well, what i've got to say about this interview is just : thank u for sharing this with us and for giving a gift this morning to our eyes with this handsome knights !!! (i live in Mexico an it's 09.05 am) Happy day !!! ♥

Posted by Missvanitzzi at 2:06pm, 14 Jun 2012

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